Essay On The Difference Between The Civil War And The American Revolution

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The Civil War was a pivot point in the history of The United States. Between 1860 and
1861 Texas, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Mississippi, South Carolina, and Louisiana were the first seven states the seceded from the Union and carried on with their own political affairs and government hence leading to the Civil War. After the War began in 1861, the seven states were joined by four other southern states, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Arkansas. These eleven states formed the Confederate States of America while the rest of the other states remained with the Union. From a Utilitarian point of view, The Southern states were not justified for seceding, while the other four states of the South that remained in the union resisted were, and last but not least, there are some similar aspects between the Civil War and the American Revolution.
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Another argument against secession centers on the language of Article I, Section 10, which declares: “No state shall enter into any treaty, alliance, or confederation… . The Confederate states did not see the best interest of the citizens. The government made the decision to separate from the Union. These eleven states thought it was the best choice. By doing so, the Confederate states separated from the Northern states illegally because it broke the Constitution. This is one of the weakness of Utilitarianism, it does not consider the vast majority of the people involved when a critical moral dilemma or choice

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