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  • Personal Essay: My Decision To Attending College

    It is the natural progression in a long line of things that a person is supposed to do in their life: elementary school, high school, college, full-time job, etc. In the seventh grade I decided that my dream was to attend Franciscan University for my Bachelor’s Degree. What society forgets to tell young adults is the struggles that they will go through to get where they desire. Franciscan is an expensive education and I had to make many sacrifices to get here. In high school, I had to choose between spending time with my friends and picking up an extra shift at the local grocery store. That is not to say that all that I did was work, but there were times I knew I could not go on that trip if I wanted to make my dream a reality. My hard-work and commitment has paid off. I am currently a sophomore at Franciscan University, and the discipline that I cultivated helps me to manage my time, finances, and studies properly. I am able to be a full-time student, maintain a part-time job on campus, participate in my household–Madonna of the Streets–, and enjoy the company and fellowship of my friends. In the midst of this heavy work-load, I made the Dean’s List my first three semesters; I hope to continue this pattern throughout my next semesters at Franciscan…

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  • Biography Of Righteous B And His Ministry Of Dirty Vagabonds

    Righteous B and His Ministry of Dirty Vagabonds There are many people who have made an impact when it comes to Youth Ministry. Pope John Paul II comes to mind when thinking about leaders in youth outreach, but I always think of someone who works on a much smaller scale. Someone who affected my life personally when it came to my religion. I always think of the Catholic youth minister and rapper Bob Lesnefsky aka Righteous B. With his wife, and a large number of young missionaries…

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  • Health Psychology Personal Statement

    and continually told me that my interests were bound to deviate. However, my interest has only deepened, grown, and solidified. This firmly established passion continued to be refined through experiences pursued during my undergraduate years. For the past two years, I have worked as a research assistant at Franciscan University of Steubenville with Dr. Stephen Sammut. I pioneered the first psychology research lab program at my university and spearheaded the design and execution of a funded…

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  • Pro Life's Opinion On Abortion

    physically cannot have a child should be able to receive an abortion for her safety. Technology has been invented that can detect defects in a baby such as Down syndrome or heart failure. In these cases many women choose to have an abortion in order to protect their child from a life of struggle. Christopher Kaczor, a professor of philosophy at Loyola Marymount University, argues that “abortion in such cases is sometimes argued to be for the child’s own good” (Kaczor). Many times when parents…

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  • Arguments Against Legalizing Pas

    control.5 Medically, dignity refers to people’s right to be valued and treated ethically. Immanuel Kant, a German philosopher of morality and ethics, stated that dignity is paired with the right of self-determination.6 Therefore, dignity is lost when a patient loses his or her perseverance to live and seek suicide as an option. There are many of alternatives for terminally ill patients to control the circumstances of their death.6 Hence, it is wrong to equate dignity with suicide.6 If physicians…

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  • A Father Who Keeps His Promises Summary

    Scott Hahn may have written A Father Who Keeps His Promises, however, that does not mean that it was his only book. Scott, aside from having written a number of books, has also been a professor of theology and Scripture at Franciscan University of Steubenville since 1990. Not only is he a teacher and author but he is an excellent speaker. Scott has proved himself to be a very credible source through all that he has done. The main theme of this book is about God’s love for his family. He would do…

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