Jamal's Transformation In The Movie 'Finding Forrester'

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How is it that people can look around at other individuals and watch them transform right in front of their eyes? In the movie Finding Forrester people are able to watch many characters transform just due to the human beings around them. Jamal has a strong passion for writing but, is always looking for help to improve. William is a writer who has shut himself away from society. These two happen to have a truly unique meeting, Jamal breaks into William's apartment due to a dare, from this point on a unique transformation is seen upon these two. William begins to help Jamal with his writing by giving him advice and writing in front of him for him to observe his skills. William begins to open up to society, from the impact Jamal has on him. Jamal …show more content…
“Jamal encounters not only his first fan, but a mentor who will challenge and change him forever” (Movielocity, 2001, p.1). In the difficult situation of Jamal's friends wanting him to break into William's apartment, he ends up meeting his first true supporter and he transforms due to the strong impact of a challenge and the change brought to the table. Jamal received a dare from his friends, in the difficult situation of Jamal's friends daring him to sneak into William's apartment, Jamal transforms his attitude towards William because of the strong impact William has shown towards Jamal. He has shown him his view on life and what he believes in. William had a brother that he used to do everything with. His brother decided to go into the war and when he returned, he had changed. In the difficult situation of him going to the war, he allowed the war to change him due to the impact that the war had on him. “Forrester has been one of the few people to take the time to look at his work and consider his writing seriously” (Clinton, 2001, p.1). In the difficult situation of Jamal not having someone to check his writing. Jamal transformed into an amazing writer because of the strong impact Forrester had on him. When unfortunate events occur people allow well built influences to transform

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