Justice In Teacher Education

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Since being admitted in the teacher education department, my goal has been to prepare to become a teacher. In this paper I will show how I have thought critically, transformed my practice and promoted justice as a teacher in preparation.
Thinking critically is an active part of effective teaching. By seeking multiple perspectives, I can create the link between students’ background knowledge and what is being taught. Then I use B.L.A.B. to track information on student’s progress and to guide differentiation within lessons. Following the lesson, I give time for reflection of teaching and student progress to find areas to improve before moving on. In R.A.M.P. I have been able to look at B.L.A.B. and plan activities that best meet my students’
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The base of this builds out of my belief that all students are capable of learning. An important aspect of this is not stereotyping students or allowing labels to be placed or influence professional judgment in decision-making. In RA.M.P. and coding, I had students in my classes who were ELL and student who struggled with writing. Therefore, we used sentence stems to support student writing during lessons and in exit slips. This technique advocates for every student being able to express their thoughts by setting up the writing and allowing students to finish expressing their thoughts about the subject. While this support is directly used purposefully for some students, other students can also benefit from the use of sentence …show more content…
In all teaching, we have to develop empathy for our students and realize when students might be having a bad day due to changes or things happening in their life. During R.A.M.P. one student was uninterested in the activity because of the topics like superheroes, dragons, and wizards. So I went over and asked what she enjoyed and she shared about soccer. Therefore, for her I chose the genre of realistic fiction for the next round in the activity. Then had the students act out the characters they would find in a realistic fiction book about soccer. All of the students were excited and that student was smiling and engaged in the rest lesson. A small change due to having empathy by asking her what made her excited, allowed for her to connect with the lesson and become and active participant.
I hope this essay gives a glimpse into how I have developed in becoming a teacher. The last few years I have worked to transform my practice, think critically, and to promote justice for all students. Student teaching will be a year for continued development on growing in my professional practice and judgment. I will use the ideals of thinking critically, transforming practice and promoting justice as a way to guide my lesson planning and

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