Fukuyama's Argument Analysis

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Did you know that four babies are born PER second? We all welcome them to the Earth with babyshowers and maybe a little celebration in the hospital room . Humankind is a very special and interesting species. Being human can be far beyond the scope of just having “the looks”. Francis says that humans demand the recognition of their dignity as individuals or groups. Factor X also determines that beneath a human’s color, skin , looks, or social class remains some type of human quality that is classified as a level of respect. Every human should show human dignity regarding to another human. Which means that all humans should be treated with deference. Although humans can be defined by their physical characteristics it's also having the ability to have emotional intelligence toward others of our kind. In addition, people today are not given the permission of the granted respect that they should deserve. Everyone needs the esteem of have a little power sometimes. “Many of the grounds on which certain groups were historically denied their share of human dignity were proven to be simply a matter of prejudice, or else …show more content…
Fukuyama believes that humans aren’t humans due to physical appearances but it is all based on the X Factor. “Skin color, looks, social class and wealth, gender, cultural background and even one’s natural talents are all accidents of birth relegated to the class of nonessential characteristics.” Fukuyama also states that we make decisions ourselves based on our friends, work, or our loved ones. Humans are not humans based on physical appearances but how they react to certain events and the emotions they shows towards it. Emotional intelligence like respect and dignity, the feelings being shown to other people determines if the person is

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