Essay On Classism In The Kite Runner

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Classism; unfair treatment due to one’s social or economic class. One is treated differently based on their social class; lower, upper, or higher class. The treatment of each class can be unfair, as society gives each class different amounts of respect. The discrimination one feels due to their class can stop their progress in various ways, which all in all prevents them from realizIng their full ability. The lower class is often discriminated as they are looked down at and others feel superior to them. Discrimination based on social class stops one’s individual progress socially, physically, and economically; which prevents them from realizing their full potential as a human.

Discrimination based on social class stops one’s individual progress
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When one is a lower class, they must be careful with their actions and words as their thoughts and opinions are not considered the same way as one in a higher class. In third world countries, such as Afghanistan, the lower class was not allowed to have a say in the decisions of the Taliban. In the novel, The Kite Runner, once the Taliban found out a Hazara (low class) family was living in Baba’s abandoned house, Hassan’s family was ordered to give up the house. When Hassan protested, the Taliban “‘[...] took him to the street […,] order[ed] him to kneel [...,] shot him in the back of the head[...] “ and when his wife came running, “ [they] shot her too’” (Hosseini 231). Hassan was murdered, along with his wife on the streets of Kabul for the reason that he refused to give up a house that did not belong to the Taliban. One’s life is put at risk when communicating with the higher class, as a simple slip can end their life. In addition, innocent black lives are being ended due to the discrimination of the lower class. The black lives matter movement has become known worldwide. This movement started when a “[...] 37-year-old street seller was pinned to the ground and shot in the chest outside a convenience store in Baton Rouge, Louisiana on July 5.” (Mansfield). This black male was simply selling CDs when police officers treated him like a criminal and ended his life. There was a chain reaction including additional citizens being shot by the police, all being black males. The black community is automatically assumed to be a lower class, thus assumed to being criminals. Being a black American, one is automatically assumed to be a lower class, thus given the title of a criminal. This unfair treatment towards the lower class, stop one’s progress physically by physically ending one’s

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