Smart Basketball Marketing Strategy

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InfoMotion Sports Technologies, the worlds’ pioneering leader in sports innovation and digitize athletic training equipment, announces its 94Fifty Bluetooth Smart basketball. Named after the dimensions of a college basketball court, contains a nine-sensor gyroscope, accelerometer, and compass device that is miniaturized and totally concealed within the ball. It is the first smart basketball and was released March 2013. This computerized basketball looks and feels like a regular basketball. It is made of synthetic leather, waterproof, and meets the regulation size and weight required but is loaded with technology. The designers ensure that the weight, balance, bounce, and durability are identical to a traditional basketball. This first …show more content…
With the innovational design of this ball, our market segment will focus on upscale households with incomes between $65,000 to $125,000 and an emphasis on athletes ranging from ages 14 to 25. The income range was chosen because the cost of the ball is $295. The targeted age range is the largest segment in the athletic development of a teenager to young adult. It is also captures a population of technology savvy users. The company manufactures male and female sized basketballs so there will be a marketing strategy geared toward all …show more content…
Working with the educational coalition called STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) enables students to be actively engaged, mentally and physically, with the technology of IPads and the smart basketball. (Hoffert, 2013). This governmental contract would not only boost sales, but would also help these future engineers find technology fun with this combination of technology and sports. Pilot programs have started with numerous schools incorporating the 94Fifty Basketball into their physics, statistics, and calculus curriculums.
Collaborating with key sports organizations like the National Basketball Association, (NBA) Women National Basketball Association, (WNBA) National Collegiate Athletic Association, (NCAA) and Federation of International Basketball Association, (FIBA) which governs international basketball, Spaulding Basketball Company, Apple Computers, and the Amateur Athletic Union, (AAU) enables a strong brand positioning. (Houle, 2014)
Another scheme will be to host in game promotions during NBA and NCAA games. Having contestants compete for a chance to win our basketball. Remember the 94Fifty Basketball collects shooting and dribbling data and we can have these stats projected on jumbo-trons to allow those in attendance to see these capabilities and

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