Differences Between Hybrid Vehicles

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What if I told you, you could get over 100 combined miles per gallon in your vehicle? This is true if you acquire the Hyundai Ionia electric. Technology has allowed this to be feasible for us, but there are many differences between hybrid cars and fossil fuel cars. Some differences are how they operate, how their engines, energy sources and batteries work ,and the emissions they produce. After all we do view both types of vehicles on the road, but don’t you want to know how they are different?

Hybrid electrical vehicles combine the best of both worlds and they can be perfected to get phenomenal fuel economy or more power. The Hybrid’s engine is also a little more sophisticated, they have two different methods to run the motor. The two types
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Hybrids also cost more because the rechargeable batteries however, hybrids make up the price difference in about a year’s worth of driving due to the money saved by their fuel efficiency. Hybrid vehicles are also a little more complex than your average gasoline driven vehicles. hybrid cars depend on computer controls that switch between engine and motor, battery charge, and complete other tasks, for example when you come to a stop in a hybrid the vehicles motion generates electricity which in fact charges the battery. It’s called regenerative braking. It helps you save money on fuel temporarily. So when the vehicle is running on the electric motor its power consumes no fuel and that is the reason why hybrids have better fuel economy then their gas only counterparts because of regenerative braking technology. In regular cars they have a component called the alternator. The alternators mission is to charge the battery and supply extra power to other accessories to your car like the radio. To explain how it works is the alternator is made up of a stator, rotor and diode. As the v-belt spins; the pulley on the alternator the rotor inside spins fast. The rotor is a group of magnets or a magnet that spin and inside of a group of copper wires called the stator. It creates electricity through electromagnetism and the copper wires turn the electricity from AC to DC so the car can use …show more content…
Hybrids use more electric power than regular cars. Regular cars are phenomenal but wouldn’t you want to save money and get 100 miles per gallon? After all we do see both types of vehicles on the road, but now you know some differences between

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