Compare And Contrast Electric Cars Vs Electric Cars

Electric Cars vs. Gasoline Cars – Which is Better?

In the late 1800s, a new invention would change the way we travel and transport materials: the car. About 95% of American households own a car, but only around 85% of American households possess a computer, which can be astonishing considering the costs of the two commodities. Moreover, this is likely due to the importance of cars in modern societies. However, an ongoing debate exists about the proper fuel resource that should be used to run these cars: gas or electricity. Electric cars have benefits over gasoline powered cars with less negative impact on the environment, efficiency in costs, and superior safety.

The history of the electric car can be traced to about 200 years ago. However,
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The electric car will help lower costs compared to the alternatives. "Based on an electric vehicle efficiency of 3 miles/kwhr and the cost of electricity at 7" per kwhr, the electric vehicle will travel about 43 miles for $1.00. Based on an average of 22 mpg for gasoline vehicles and a gasoline cost of $1.25/gal, the gasoline powered vehicle will go about 18 miles. Thus, the distance that can be traveled for a fuel cost of $1.00 is more than twice as far with and electric vehicle" (How Do Gasoline & Electric Vehicles Compare 4). The example shows how paying the same price for the different types of fuel can result in favorable travel distance for electricity fuel users. Maintenance costs can be very aggravating for car owners as well. The electric car has less moving parts than that of a gasoline car. The electric car has only one moving part, the shaft, that is reliable and requires little to no maintenance, while gasoline powered cars have hundreds of moving parts. Having less moving parts usually results in less maintenance needed, and less maintenance means more money saved. In addition to heavy maintenance costs, other disadvantages to owning a gasoline vehicle involves other costly repairs such as oil changes, filter changes, exhaust system repairs, etc. (How do Gasoline & Electric Vehicles Compare? 2-3). Buying a gasoline car has lots of added costs for repairs that is not present in electric vehicles. Overall, the combined …show more content…
Electric cars are tested similarly to the gasoline car's test. If an accident occurs, airbags will also deploy and electricity will be cut from the battery. Also, in electric cars, fluid batteries take impact better than gasoline cars (Alternative Fuel Vehicles: What are the Pros and Cons? 21). When compared to gasoline cars, electric cars should have equal if not superior safety to them. There are also other benefits in safety that an electric car has over a gasoline car. "Advanced battery management systems monitor the activity of each cell and relay information to a CPU, which can adjust the cooling system, warn the driver, and even shut down the battery entirely as soon as a problem is detected (McDonald 12). The process that an electric car goes through can buy time and/or save the driver from an accident. The technologically advanced safety system of the electric car can be said to be safer than that can be said about gasoline

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