Argumentative Essay On Hybrid Cars

My research paper is about hybrid cars. Hybrid cars save energy. My discussion is if hybrid cars save energy? Although people believe hybrid cars are expensive and do not save energy, research proves that these vehicles save energy. White states in his article that " Scientific studies have proved that hybrid cars save energy" , which means that they are most likely economically friendly. Most people do not know how much energy hybrid cars save. White states in his article " In a survey of research on hybrid cars, researchers have reported that hybrid cars are made of lighter material, which makes them environmentally friendly" that means they have trouble when they are heavier than when they are lighter. Hybrid vehicles are an economically-friendly; …show more content…
Edmund states that "In 2007, hybrid cars typically cost $3,500 more than everyday vehicles do" which means that they are very expensive. If you 're looking to save gas and money, you should think about the additional vehicle cost compared to the fuel savings and tax incentives. "Normally, a hybrid vehicle can be as much as 20 percent more expensive than its counterpart powered by a conventional gasoline engine." Electric or part-time electric models cost even more to purchase. The cheapest hybrid costs a little less than $20,000, while the most expensive luxury model costs more than $100,000. We need to educate people on how much hybrid cars help the community. White states "Educating people on how much hybrid cars save energy could work" that means teaching people on how they work could help sell more hybrid cars. It is possible to teach people that hybrid cars use twin-powered engines. Hybrid cars use a rechargeable energy storage system to supplement fossil fuel energy for vehicle propulsion. Some hybrid vehicles use regenerative braking to generate electricity while

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An investigation was done in the areas of types of benefits suggested by many consumer trends, and the future of hybrid technology. A focus group of people who in recent times bought cars, both hybrids and non-hybrids, revealed what consumers look for in their cars. Study of the needs of hybrid technology helped determine how feasible widespread change to hybrids would be in the future. With all the information taken into account, I concluded that hybrids have several issues that offset their fuel efficiency. Their higher cost both turns consumers away and makes the vehicles a less attractive economic investment. Energy efficient techniques need to be refined before the materials in hybrids can help add to their clean image. Sweeping change to hybrid cars is not an attainable option in the future because of both cost and small amount of hybrids. Globally, hybrid technology has a

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