Prius Argumentative Essay

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Everyday across this country and across the world people are trading in their old cars or simply buying new ones. Whether they want a luxurious upgrade or, more often than not, an environmentally practical and friendly car, car dealerships seemingly see more traffic each year. When searching for that new car, many are caught between conventional gas powered vehicles and the ever growing hybrid electric vehicle (HEV). In today’s society, carbon footprints and CO2 emissions are often brought up when talking about being environment friendly, green house gases and all other sustainability discussions. Even more so now in conversations of a new car. Ever since the Prius was released in 2000, innumerable amounts of articles have been released arguing …show more content…
In an article for Ensia, Marin Swain talks about the elimination of gas vehicles and solely relying on the electric. While the Prius is not fully electric the article gives insight into the use of gas as a fuel source and what it means to the environment. The most interesting point she makes comes with her implied idea that hybrids may be a stepping stone onto the next clean energy source. “The U.S., which have a long history of moving toward better, cleaner energy… coal helped spare vast tracts of American forests from the saw, since it meant we no longer needed wood for heating” (Swain). Swains statement is indeed a fact that at one point in time coal was the new green fuel source and that by its use and incorporation in to life that it would better the environment by limiting wood consumption. While not verbally stated, if its to be true that history repeats itself, then in our modern day society, coal is our “wood” and clean natural energy is our new

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