Rhetorical Analysis Of Electric Cars

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First, the rhetorical visual argument I created is based on “saving the environment with electric cars”. I created a rhetorical argument based on everyday life of people, and the air we breathe every day while walking, jogging, or even enjoying a good day outside. Gasoline operated cars are very famous in today’s society, and the amount of CO2 emission these cars give off into the atmosphere is extremely high. My argument is based on electric cars, and how they can help the environment we live in, breath, walk, and enjoy every day. First, electric cars are cost efficient. Cost efficiency is major concern of many people; when buying a new car everyone wants them to be reliable, and reliability mostly depends on how the cars are mostly taken …show more content…
First, the tittle I used a special color and font to represent the overall harm air pollution does in industrial areas, such as China with many cars and factories. The tittle slowly fades, and the reason it fades is to how air pollution can over take our beautiful blue sky, and that was the main reason I used blue color. I do have a picture that shows this in effect, such as the blue sky is barely visible. I will attach the photo at the end. Every color represents a certain message that I am pursuing people to consider. “Go Green” I intentionally made it larger compared to others because of importance it has within this project. Color green is used in order to represent the main concept of “going green”. Going green means helping the environment and I used color green to represent the main objective. For “no emission” I used color grey because color grey is what air pollution look like. Polluted air usually has grey color that colors the sky and hides the blue sky. Cost efficient and major savings is represented in blue because it blends in with the background and shows a positive message being portrayed. The most important aspect of argument is the car because it is an electric car, and every word around it represent what this car does, such as benefits of helping the environment, and benefits it can bring to people who buy and operate them. The main reason I chose “Cost efficient”, “Major savings”, “No emission”, and “Go green” is because that is what this vehicle does and then supported those claims in the beginning of the reflection. Lastly, how effective is this argument? I find this argument highly effective because of many reasons. First, the use of tittle and how it looks as in fading motion slowly. Going green is the main concern of this vehicle since it is completely electric and runs of batteries not requiring any gasoline. Cost efficiency, and major savings are also one of the main

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