Rhetorical Analysis: Community Of Cars By Ryan Brown

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Register to read the introduction… He relays every negative thing about our environment and health to our increased dependence on cars. Brown seems to cry out to the world that we need to change our ways before it’s too late. He wants people to be more mindful, and to not just throw out the environment. Brown begins his argument with a stroll down the authors’ childhood. He refers to the numerous afternoons spent strolling with his grandmother to the local grocery store. Many people can refer to this as an emotional appeal. Brown than appeals to our values by saying the “friendly conversations we used to have when passing an acquaintance while walking have been replaced with honks of a car horn” (Brown 1). He points out that Americans are in a mind state of driving over walking. He also says that if we drove less, our environment, communities, and personal health would all show positive effects. “That automobiles are environmentally harmful is unarguable” (Brown 1). Brown uses the argument of automobile emissions polluting the air and then resulting in acid rain. He says with the combination of cheap gas prices and high gas mileage cars, there is no wonder the drivers society has continued to …show more content…
He believes that the return to days gone by is an achievable and desirable goal. All in all, Brown uses a variety of strategies to argue his thesis that too much reliance on automobiles is costing America its health and heritage. The vast amount of consequences of when we drive instead of when we walk has had far-reaching effects that many people may not have considered. Brown assembles a triple threat by appealing to our logic, emotion and values. To Brown, cars are an incredible thing, but not worth losing the environment, our communities, our personal health, and

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