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  • Happy Sushi, By W. B. Yelp !

    There were two establishments that caught my eye right off the bat, Happy Sushi and Gateway to India. I have always enjoyed eating sushi, and without having a current replacement for my sushi restaurant back at home, this is very appealing to me. Gateway to India gained my attention because I have never had an authentic Indian food restaurant near me, and so I have never been able to try it. As I stated above, I am prone and willing to go out and try new things, and so Indian food seems like an interesting experience. The content and structure of a restaurant’s menu is a big aspect that I tend to keep in mind. Thanks to modern technology, I was able to view each restaurant’s menu on the internet. While Gateway to India proved that they had plenty of options to choose from, it seems they made the mistake of establishing their menu in a confusing manner. Their menu is not well organized, and it is difficult to digest what all is available. The menu presents all choices within a single, long list that is merely separated by headers (such as appetizers, entrees, desserts, etc.). The eight page list begins with twenty-one appetizers, then thirty-two entrees, followed by ten “Tandoori Specialties”, and the list continues consisting of eighty-six total choices (Gateway to India). I, personally, feel anxious when I begin to view a menu and there are too many options in a disorganized structure, such as Gateway to India’s. Happy Sushi, on the other hand, has a much more concise and…

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  • Tata Airlines Case Study

    Air India. On 11 June 1962, Air India came to be the world's early all-jet airline. In 1971, the airline seized transport of its early Boeing 747-200B shouted Ruler Ashoka (registered VT-EBD). This coincided alongside the introduction of the 'Palace in the Sky' livery and branding. A feature of this livery is the paintwork concerning every single airplane window, in the cusped arch style of windows in Indian palaces. In 1986 Air India seized transport of the Airbus A310-300; the airline is the…

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  • History And History Of The Great Stupa Through India

    Art through India The excitement had been growing as I landed at the airport in Mumbai, India. I would to get see new sights, experience new culture and learn where my roots had originated. As I left the airport I was culture shocked by what I was witnessing. The sceneries, the people, the environment was so different from what I had been use too. The architecture had been ancient and had so much meaning. The temples or known as mandir’s carried sacred meaning. My experience with the different…

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  • Male Torto Analysis

    Certainly, every age is unique in the character of its culture. In the same way, Indian art forms have continuously evolved over many years. Eventually, ancient India had various art forms like paintings, architecture, and sculpture that had been gradually developed. Thereafter, advanced town planning is seen in Harappa and Mohenjodaro, with their centrally planned cities indicating a highly developed architecture. Another remarkable example of sculpture from the Harappan civilization comes in…

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  • Advantages Of A Home Area Network

    bandwidth feasible to DSL usersis normally compact than the apex cable modem rate because of changes in their respective network technologies. additionally, the "consecrated bandwidth" is only consecrated between your home andthe DSL provider 's core office the providers allow minimal or no assurance of bandwidth all the way against the Internet. DSL access is not as undoubting to packet sniffing as cable modem advance,although ample of the difference security hazards will approach to both DSL…

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  • Analysis Of Narrative: Moving Through My Eyes

    Paper #1 Narrative – Final: Moving Through My Eyes At the age of 10 my world changed drastically as I moved 1,566 miles from Maddison Heights, Michigan to McIntosh, New Mexico, but what did I know about change? Why couldn’t I be as excited as my mom? Why couldn’t my dad move with us, then get a local job? Why couldn’t I just fall asleep like my sisters? Why does this move continue to impact my life nine years later? Why am I the only one who has a problem with these trivial questions? I…

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  • Rock's Rugged Whisper Analysis

    the temple. Rather, they keenly speak about the ruins of the Raja’s Palace and Arcot Gate near it. Md. Sharif, the auto driver, first takes me to Arcot Gate. Unknowingly, I had stumbled upon a little known historical fact and an event that had far-reaching consequences for India. Arcot had played a major role in the English conquest of the sub-continent and, it was at this place, after the Battle for Arcot that the British established their supremacy over other Europeans powers, especially…

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  • Fatehpur Sikri Essay

    The medieval city of Fatehpur Sikri Introduction Fatehpur Sikri is a town located in Agra, India. This complex palace was built by Mughal emperor jalal'ud-Din Muhammad Akbar son of Humayun. Fatehpur Sikri is a famous monument in India that attracts a lot of tourist from all over the world. It is located 120 miles away from the Delhi which is the capital of India. After the Mughals invaded India in the 16th century, they captured a large area of the country and ruled it for more than 300 hundred…

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  • Kudal Manikkam Temple Essay

    Barath is also one of Lord Rama’s brothers in the Tretha Yuga. He is called as Bharat and the India is called as Bharat because of his righteous rule in Ayodhya in 4000 BC. He is considered as more noble and honest than the Lord Rama, since he didn’t accept the throne when Lord Rama was in forest exile. He is considered to be a true man and will bless us with prosperity. He is worshiped her as higher than the Lord Rama by his deeds. In this temple no Agarbathis and Karpura are allowed to burn.…

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  • Essay On Jain Shrine

    origin that these shrines come from is India. Unfortunately we do not know of the artist that created any of the Jain Shrine’s in particular that are still preserved today. It is suggested that more than likely a wealthy individual from northwest India would have had this small shrine created for his own private Jainism religion purposes. Jainism is a religion of India which is older and was firmly established at the same time of the origin of Buddhism (Jain). The time zone from which these…

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