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  • Namesake By Jhumpa Lahiri

    ENGLISH ASSIGNMENT  AUTHOR: JHUMPA LAHIRI  BY: SANYAM JAIN  BBA.MBA 2014  TO: PROF. JAGDISH BATRA ABOUT THE AUTHOR Jhumpa lahiri is an Indian American author and won 2000 Pulitzer prize for fiction. Her first novel the namesake is included in the same and got many awards for it. The story namesake tells us about culture and living sense of two country as the character gogol brought up in another country. It show the difference of mentality. CHARACTERS: Before the summary we should be…

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  • Who Is To Blame For The Civil Rights Movement?

    small corporations synchronized as well as organized the largest Satyagraha of the time. This act gave a brand new direction for the movement. Gandhi arranged a bulk protest whatsoever India history. Hindu and Muslim gather together and Lead to the biggest Satyagrah ever in the history of India against British and showed their unity yet again. In 04 6, 1919, a many Indian strike has been prepared. There seemed to be mafia physical violence with Bombay,…

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  • A Curious Wealth Of Poverty In Behind The Beautiful By Katherine Boo

    A Curious Wealth of Poverty There is no place on earth quite like India. It is alive and bursting at the seams, its economy expanding at unprecedented rates. Potential is the national currency: GDP skyrocketing, international investment booming, and industry flourishing. Where dirt once dominated, there now stand skyscrapers, highways, luxury apartments. And yet, amidst all this wealth and prosperity, 363 million Indians are still living below the poverty line (Katyal), excluded from the…

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  • Gender Roles In Ancient India

    Alberuni’s India, it discusses in depth many important aspects of the classic Indian culture. Some aspects of what classic Indian culture include varna (caste systems) and also the different gender roles. When you compare the aspects of India to The Tales of Ancient India, we can pick out several differences between these two texts. With that, in this paper I will talk about what I consider to be realistic when referring to the two texts, how gender roles differ between The Tales of Ancient…

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  • My Loathing By Ted Hughes Analysis

    Pakistan has been the multicultural society having people of different cultures and ethnicities which have all been transformed, into crystalline remains of literature in a variety of languages with a host of language, the literature produced here depicts an amazing variety Urdu, Hindi, Pashto, Punjabi, Sindhi, literatures with all of their prestige show a rich literary heritage. However, this progress and development has not been demarcated to indigenous literatures of Pakistan. Pakistani…

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  • Economic Comparison Of China And Nigeria

    1.3 billion, 1.2 billion, 186 million. The respective populations of China, Qin Zhang’s country, India, Abdul Hussein’s country and Nigeria, my country. China has a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) output of $19.7 trillion and India has a GDP output of $7.9 trillion . These numbers indicate that these two countries have the strongest economies in Asia while Nigeria with a GDP output of $1 trillion holds the title of the strongest economy from the African continent. This zoomed out view allows us…

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  • Examples Of Affirmative Discrimination

    In America, there is a theory that if one is born poor, he/she still can advance both with motivation and the use of all available resources; however, India still has a caste system (ironic, because they are a democracy) where few people rise and, sadly, most people move down. For example, traditions such as arranged marriages and limited female freedom continue to plague the nation. Consequently, many…

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  • What Is The Film Response Jodha Akbar?

    and truly wanted to see both Hindu, Muslims and other religions to flourish together in harmony, in the same environment. Octavio Paz tells us of how music was quite a large success in bringing the two religions together. He claims that the music of India greatly influenced southeast Asia and the Arab world. In order to bring peace and draw an alliance between Hindus and Muslims he married Jodhaa who was a Rajput Princess (This was more or less a political marriage). That being…

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  • Construction Industry Essay

    TASK 2 1. PEOPLE : Skill Development in Construction Industry : Skill development industry in India has seen a rapid growth in response to the urgent needs of the industry, as well as due to significant impetus provided by the government. The vocational training system under Ministry of Labour and Employment is one of the most comprehensive systems in the country. There are two aspects of this magnificent scheme- • To provide vocational training to people through different MES (Modular…

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  • Second Generation Immigrants: A Case Study

    The interview aimed to address the question of what role language plays in the ethnic identities of second generation immigrants. While there is a broad body of work on the subject of migration and language spanning several fields, including population studies and sociolinguistics, much of the associated literature is based on quantitative studies. For instance, Rumbaut (2012) used survey data to examine immigrant families’ language retention rates, while Cherciov (2012) and Medvedeva (2012)…

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