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  • The Importance Of Arranged Marriage

    still exists in many areas of the world today. Often times marriages are arranged due to religious, cultural, and ethnic backgrounds, as well as caste, alliances, wealth etc. Statistics show that in India, 90% of marriages are arranged (Udas, 2012). In traditional societies, like those in Pakistan and India, Jefferson says that “a common rationale is that young…

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  • Judicial Review Essay

    The Constitution of India is the incomparable rule that everyone must follow. Judicial review is one major distinction. In India, the legal system can take up a demonstration go by parliament and has the ability to invalidate it. In Britain, law go by House of Commons can 't be overturned. The Supreme Court has been vested…

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  • Islam And Two Nation Theory

    The leadership of the Muslim League never tried to look for the roots of nationalism inside the Muslim community. The second nation in India was simply defined as "Muslims living in the subcontinent," a definition that did not take into consideration the ethnic, linguistic, cultural, regional, and economic differences among the Muslims living in various parts of India. It was assumed that the larger umbrella of Muslim identity had taken care of these differences.” The two-nation theory as…

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  • Factors For The Rise Of The BJP And Hindu Janata Party

    Since its independence, India has come a long way in terms of its democratic journey. It has faced many challenges and has its own set of unique problems. Today, about 80 percent of the Indian population is Hindu, and the recent political and social trends show that there is a rise of a Hindu Nationalism in India. There are many factors like, the decreasing popularity and power of Congress over the years, party fragmentation and rise in leadership and popularity of the BJP that are responsible…

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  • T. N. Gandhi: Secularism And Politics

    religious tolerance and equality (a substantial one) for all the religions; hence do we see special privileges offered to the minority communities. At the same time, one could argue that what we have in India is pseudo-secularism; the Shah Bano case for example. But also, although I cannot argue that India is not a secular state, I still cannot imagine a religion-powered state or vice-versa. If people think secularism is creating differences and thus communal violence, what is the situation of…

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  • Tribal Tradition Essay

    TRIBAL HISTORY UNDER COLONIAL RULE BY ROSHAN KUMAR Introduction This article talks about the education of the tribal during colonial rule. Tribal are one of the most marginalized group of Indian society even in that period they are the most backward class. Although education was introduced but it was just to meet their own needs. Missionaries introduced education in tribal land but it was not for the betterment of the tribal instead for their conversion and they were successful to large…

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  • Impact Of Social Reforms In Colonial Era

    form of papers which are based various police records from the year 1815- 1829. Again, sati has been attacked by the kind of phenomenon which gradually effects the industrial development, and then sati has came across the different cities of western India like Shabad which officially declared the coming of the widows. Therefore due to some issues related to documentary, there was no clear evidence or have been a lesser facts related to administrative services. After that during the period of…

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  • Honeymoon Trip In Kerala Essay

    A honeymoon trip to God’s Own Country Kerala - God’s Own Country Blessed with scenic beauty, long coastal line, evergreen forests, mountain ranges and rich cultural heritage, Kerala is indeed God’s Own Country. No wonder it has become a popular honeymoon destination for Indian as well as Foreign tourists. Kerala holiday packages and Honeymoon packages to Kerala is selling like hot cakes over internet and off the net. According to the season of travel and your budget different options can be…

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  • The Mughal Empire And The Taj Mahal Empire

    The Mughal Empire was primarily a centralized system of governance headed by an emperor who controlled and regulated all the affairs of the empire and its architectural activities. The famed Mansabdari system of government was framed and instituted by Akbar, the third emperor, between 1542 and 1605. The system of governance provided law and order in the extensive and diverse Indian nation. It is important to understand that the Mughal’s political structure was well organized and coordinated. In…

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  • Tribal Community In Kerala Essay

    Kerala holds a unique position in the tribal map of India. There are forty eight tribal communities throughout the state, out of which thirty six was scheduled tribes and the rest are denotified tribal communities. Every district in Kerala has some tribal population, they are found significantly in the districts of Wayanad, Palakkad, Malappuram, Kasargod, Idukki and Thiruvananthapuram. These districts are having 80 per cent of the tribal population in Kerala. The tribes in Kerala constitute a…

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