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  • Kudal Manikkam Temple Essay

    Barath is also one of Lord Rama’s brothers in the Tretha Yuga. He is called as Bharat and the India is called as Bharat because of his righteous rule in Ayodhya in 4000 BC. He is considered as more noble and honest than the Lord Rama, since he didn’t accept the throne when Lord Rama was in forest exile. He is considered to be a true man and will…

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  • Vedic Age Civilization Essay

    The Vedic age civilization refers to the period when Vedic Sanskrit text was composed in India. The Vedic Civilization thrived between the 1750 BC and 500 BC on the Indo-Gangetic Plains of the Indian subcontinent. It can be divided into the Early Vedic Period (1750–1000 BCE) and the Late Vedic period (1000–500 BCE). The people of this civilization are called The Indo-Aryans. In the Early Vedic Period they relied heavily on a pastoral semi-nomadic economy, with limited agriculture. They were…

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  • Vivanta Case Study

    Hotels Resorts and Palaces (also known as The Indian Hotels Company Limited) brand architecture exercise. With this the brand rolled over 19 of its hotels to the new brand. This brand architecture exercise was a part of their previous launch of The Gateway hotels which is marketed as an Upscale brand. Vivanta by Taj is marketed as an Upper Upscale Brand which is flanked by the Taj in the top-end luxury department. The term Vivanta comes from the term 'bon vivant', which signifies sophistication…

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  • The Similarities And Differences Of Hinduism, Jainism, And Buddhism

    While often deemed highly similar, Hinduism, Jainism, and Buddhism differ greatly in many of their core values and practices. The most significant differences lie in their stances on whether or not an all-powerful god is in existence. While the Hindu faith consists of millions of gods, most Hindus focus their worship on one all-encompassing god or objective Oneness, therefore making the religion henotheistic. However, because Hinduism is so internally diverse, some groups are atheistic in their…

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  • Water Scarcity Research Paper

    India’s Water Scarcity The Cauvery River is one of the most revered water systems located in India. Spanning close to 750 kilometers, with a river basin that supplies water to four Indian states, its significance in Indian agriculture, industry, and hydroelectric power is what has supported the bulk of South Indian living for thousands of years. But on September 5, 2016, the supreme court of South Indian state, Karnataka, ordered to “release 15,000 cubic feet of water per second per day from…

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  • Rise Of Narendra Modi

    leadership. Both domestically and internationally, he is on the roll. Modi’s rise may weaken the West dominated global order and contribute to the evolution of a more decentralized new order. Modi’s visit to and agreements with Japan are a clear sign that India is eager to work towards a new world order. During his visit, the two countries signed agreements to expand cooperation in defense, nuclear power, and trade and investment sectors, with…

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  • Gandhi's Case Of Mohandas Gandhi

    to the public’s interest. India’s first Law Minister and the chief architect of the Constitution of India Bhimaro Ramji Ambedkar’s conflicts with Gandhi lies in several differences of understanding and opinion of Indian society, the caste, the Poona Pact, and the question of whether Gandhi…

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  • Korean Food Essay

    contribution in the cooking field and granted her top honor. This has reflected the food culture of Korea. South Asia countries South Asia can divide into southwest and southeast region. India is an example of the southwest while Thailand as a southeast region (Andaya 2014). The four main religions can be found in India are Hinduism, Buddhism, Sikhism and Jainism. The southwest region is greatly influenced the southeast region. For example, both of the regions are rice paddy agriculture…

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  • The Causes Of India And The Revolt Of 1857

    defeated in India in 1857 because of the riots in central and northern India but in spring of 1858 they came back into the game. This was called the Revolt of 1857 and because the British came back a lot of violence occurred from both sides leading equal amounts of counter-violence. Since the British executed the rebels, the rebels also killed white civilians like women and children without mercy. This led to the Kanpur massacre in June 27, 1857. The revolt ended the rule of the East India…

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  • Importance Of Financial Inclusion

    Also, India encounters difficulties in opening bank accounts and in growth of mobile banking, but closer to global average in borrowing from formal institutions. Hence, the need for opening of more bricks and mortars branches was felt. (Sharma & Kukreja, 2013) The financial inclusion has picked up in India in the last decade, but it is far from adequate, considering the vastness of the country. Banks and…

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