Gathering Blue

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  • Symbolism In The Giver, Gathering Blue And The Forest

    some elements more obvious than others. The red sled, the color blue and the Forest all consist of a deeper meaning in The Giver, Gathering Blue and Messenger, respectively. All three novels contain elements of symbolism. In the first novel The Giver, one object that stands out as a symbol is the sled. The sled stands for the process of transmitting…

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  • Essay On Gathering Blue

    Gathering Blue, by Lois Lowry, is a dystopian novel that centers around a character named Kira, who is born crippled. The novel starts off with the unfortunate news that Kira’s mother, Katrina, has passed away unexpectedly due to mysterious illness. She is now orphaned, since her father, who had the role of serving in the Council of the Guardians, had been killed by The Beasts during a hunt. In addition to struggling to survive without any parents or support from relatives, Kira must prove…

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  • Gathering Blue Analysis

    Gathering Blue… “Captivating quest tale pits gifted girl against brutal odds”. This is one of the very many reviews for the enticing novel Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry. Throughout this novel there were times where comparison to our society (Canada) came into action. There were also a lot of things mentioned that are very similar to Canada. The main ways that these compare and contrasts were found is through the viewing points of freedom, government and religion. Imagine waking up in the…

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  • Gathering Blue Literary Analysis

    fearful lives. After reading the dystopian novel Gathering Blue, I discovered that the setting also lacked the powerful knowledge described in the quote by Kofi Annan. Through analyzing other dystopian novels, I noticed the majority of the societies were lacking in citizen knowledge as well. Therefore, dystopian societies represent an uneducated population by attempting to eliminate familial bonds, disregard proper education systems, and instill propaganda. The dystopian society in which…

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  • Gathering Blue Character Analysis

    of life starting at the bottom. Gathering Blue's characters by Lois Lowry are full of excitement and you never know what will happen. Maslow's Hierarchy compared to the characters from Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry are alike in multiple ways. Kira a character from the novel is alike the levels self-esteem and Friends/Belongings. Since Kira is alike the level self-esteem, she is confident and smart. In the novel Kira has a self-esteem because when Vandara wanted to take her to the…

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  • Analysis Of Maslow's Hierarchy In Gathering Blue

    The simple, elegant, hierarchy of Abraham Maslow is used to determine your level of motivation in life. Kira, Thomas, And Matt are characters in the book. Maslow's hierarchy is a demonstrative pyramid of the levels in life. In the novel Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, these three characters show a significant change of development Abraham Maslow’s hierarchy. In accordance with Abraham Maslowś hierarchy, Kira is presented on many levels, a dynamic character. To start off Gathering Blue, Kira is…

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  • Maslow's Hierarchy In Gathering Blue By Lois Lowry

    Maslow's Hierarchy has five levels that most people can relate to.Maslow's Hierarchy has levels that represent a goal which for fills one of our needs. The different levels include (in order) physiological, safety, love,self esteem,self actualization. Gathering Blue is a book by Lois Lowry that is fiction, it mostly talks about how Kira survives with no family. In the book Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry, the characters in the book can relate to Maslow's Hierarchy. Kira from Gathering Blue by…

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  • Childhood Narrative

    too. However, the neighborhood became overcrowded, houses were being robbed, and the presence of gangs started to appear. After the age of five, my parents moved us to the city of Woodhaven. Realizing the deterioration of the neighborhood validated the reasons why my parents did not want to raise their children in a crime filled area. The one intense incident that I experienced left a lasting impression of how dangerous the neighborhood I only knew as normal was corrupt and dysfunctional. That…

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  • Book Summary: The Gathering

    The Gathering Curiosity, it is seen in everyone, it is part of the human brain. The thing about a story that is full of curiosity is that it is hard to get bored and easy to get lost. Maya is a 17-year-old girl who lives in a small town, Salmon Creek. Salmon Creek is a medical research town as well as very small containing approximately only 200 people, which always makes new people interesting to the town. We see Maya and Daniel who is her best friend thinking a lot about the mysterious death…

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  • Figurative Language In The Lottery, By Shirley Jackson

    “The Lottery” is a short story written by Shirley Jackson. This story takes place in a small town on a clear sunny day on the 27th day of June. The children of the town arrive first and begin collecting stones and piling them together until their parents call them to order. Mr. Summers calls each head of the household to come forward to a black old wooden box, where each select a slip of paper. Once the men of the house have chosen a paper slip, Mr. Summers allows everyone to open the paper and…

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