Happy Sushi, By W. B. Yelp !

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It is common for people of the first world to wander from their place of home to consume food that might not be completely natural to them. Some do prefer to stick to what they know, but others like to experience something new and fresh. I, personally, enjoy going out to eat. I like trying foods that I don’t normally have prepared for me at home. In that, there are places that I like to visit more than once, because I can appreciate the service, ethnicity, and quality of food that they offer. With my recent relocation of residency I have found myself unable to eat what I am used to when I plan to go out to eat; this is simply because I am ignorant of what is available. I began searching for local, non-chain, restaurants that serve good quality …show more content…
There was a huge deficiency of negative reviews and the people who did post reviews seemed to know what they were talking about. They were clear, concise, and logical within their reviews. One reviewer from Yelp! wrote “In Illinois, you 'd be hard pressed to find better sushi outside of certain Chicago establishments. The reviews don 't lie. I 've yet to have one bad dish here” (Warren). This is a strong statement for Warren to make, because as someone from Chicago, he is most likely familiar with fresher sushi. Chicago is a big trade city, where most of the mid-west’s fresh and salt-water fish come from, thus being an area with fresher sushi than Springfield, IL. Along with Warran, Angela wrote “By far the best sushi in Springfield and some of the best sushi I have ever had.” In Angela stating that it is the best sushi she has ever had, one could assume that she has tried several sushi restaurants, and that Happy Sushi is her favorite. More focused on customer service, one reviewer wrote “I can definitely see why this place is called Happy Sushi! … as soon as we walked in the owner (I presume) jumped up and greeted us” (Beth). Beth also posted pictures of the owner rolling the sushi and the dishes that she had ordered. In my opinion, the food looks artistically made with plenty of thought applied to the

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