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  • Gastroparesis Study

    1.0 Background Gastroparesis is a condition of impaired motility function of the stomach to deliver food to distal alimentary tract without obstruction. The clinical associate with gastroparesis is a nonspecific and wide range of symptom from asymptomatic with delay gastric emptying time to severe nausea, vomiting loss of appetite, malnutrition needs a frequent administration in hospital 1,2 and poor quality of life. The pathophysiologic cause of developing this disease still not clearly understand aside from associated with vagus nerve is damaged. Most common diagnosis causes of this disease are idiopathic and the other two common diabetic and prior surgery involved with the vagus nerve. In general, gastroparesis doesn 't cure the condition.…

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  • Gastroparesis Essay

    When severe weight loss and restricted eating occurs, the body loses fat, leading to a weakening of the stomach muscles and damage to the extrinsic and intrinsic nerves. The extrinsic nerves connect the digestive organs to the spinal cord and brain, while the intrinsic nerves control the digestion and passing of food. Brown and Mehler (2015) have found that with weakened stomach muscles and damaged nerves, gastrointestinal complications arise and once the body weight is less than 15-20 percent…

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  • Gastroparesis: A Case Study Questions For Medical Nutrition Therapy

    Questions for Medical Nutrition Therapy: A Case Study Approach 5th ed. Case 8 – Gastroparesis 1. Identify the major physiological controls for gastric emptying. • Contraction and motility are major controls for gastric emptying involving autocrine, paracrine, and neuronal systems. • The interstitial cells of Cajal control the smooth muscle activity and the autonomic nervous system relays the message from input for the smooth muscle. o Neuropeptides, hormones and neurotransmitters affect…

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  • Gastric Emptying Research Paper

    Gastroparesis is a disease presenting in delayed emptying of the stomach’s contents. This can be caused on the grounds of an array of issues. Although this pathology/disease/disorder affects 25-50% of subjects diagnosed with diabetes, it can also affect people that have had surgery, infection, or hypothyroidism (Gregg). This postponing of gastric emptying means that it takes longer than usual for contents to pass through the stomach. According to Stephen Goldfinger, M.D., “Normally, your…

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  • Essential Equipment To Monitor Diabetes Essay

    mind and body. Avoiding Complications Diabetes effects every body system and while you monitor your glucose and ketone levels, you 'll also watch for complications. Foot problems are common and may show the first signs of nerve damage with tingling and weakness, and the resulting poor blood flow can lead to amputation. To controlling callouses and preserves circulation consider buying a pedicure kit and lotion for extremely dry skin. Since walking and mild exerices improves circulation,…

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  • Post Operative Ileus Essay

    clock or for breakthrough pain. Narcotics bind to µ receptors in the gut leading to ileus. Post operative ileus is a consistent problem after colorectal surgeries. In view of that, prophylactic measures are prescribed in the post-operative orders. Prokinetics like metoclopramide are routinely a part of the post operative orders. Intravenous levosulpiride, neostigmine and lignocaine are used in some resistant cases. Epidural…

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  • Competitive Eating: How Safe Is It?

    According to ”Competitive Eating: How Safe Is It?” by: Richard Stine and “Should We Ban Competitive Eating?” by Sarah McCarry, competitive eating should be banned. Competitive eating is life threatening because this sport can cause many health issues. Competitive eating can cause serious illnesses and diseases. “Another serious risk Metz says, is gastroparesis or stomach paralysis.” This proves that competitive eating can cause serious illnesses. Also, “Prize money does nothing to reduce the…

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  • Body Observation Report

    hour. After the task was completed the calories burned were documented. The amount of calories that she burned was 478. In addition to those task she performed My Body Mass Index task. The patient stood on a platform that calculated her height and weight. After her height and weight was calculated the computer recorded her body mass index. The patient’s body mass index 25.8.The results from the Eat Healthy (My Pyramid/Diabetes) task could influence the results from a test that would be given…

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  • Ethical Dilemma In Pain Management

    anecdotal experience patients rate there pain normally as zero or more than eight. Based off of this scale patients with a pain presenting this high should receive narcotics. However, new guidelines for treating patients in the ED with non-cancer pain states that: • Narcotic Analgesics are appropriate for ACUTE illness or injury. And maybe prescribed for up to seven days after discharge from the ED to allow patients to meet their primary care provider or a specialist • CHRONIC non-cancer pain…

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  • Familial Health Issues In My Family

    cessation, healthy eating, exercise, and managing diabetes, blood pressure and stress. My grandfather and both great grandfathers on my moms side and possibly my grandmother on my dad 's side (no autopsy was done to confirm, but heart attack was believed to be the cause) all passed away from various forms of cardiovascular disease. Both sides of my family also have a history of diabetes. Diabetes is a term for diseases that occur because of too much sugar in the blood. Diabetes can cause…

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