Gastric Emptying Research Paper

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Gastroparesis is a disease presenting in delayed emptying of the stomach’s contents. This can be caused on the grounds of an array of issues. Although this pathology/disease/disorder affects 25-50% of subjects diagnosed with diabetes, it can also affect people that have had surgery, infection, or hypothyroidism (Gregg). This postponing of gastric emptying means that it takes longer than usual for contents to pass through the stomach. According to Stephen Goldfinger, M.D., “Normally, your stomach moves about half of an average meal into the small intestine within two hours after you eat, and about 90% within four hours” (Goldfinger). However, Karen Hein Gregg, RN, states that “Gastric emptying is considered delayed if 60% or more of the meal remains in the stomach after 2 hours (King 2006).” (Gregg). In any event, prolongation of this function, is deemed to be gastroparesis. …show more content…
When thinking about how this pathology affects the digestive system, it is clear to see how these symptoms are occurent. Most symptoms include the following: “nausea, vomiting, bloating, early satiety, and discomfort” (Poanta). In patients suffering from a critical case, the severe symptoms may even include “weight loss, dehydration, electrolyte disturbances, and malnutrition” (Poanta). With the food unable to continue through the digestive tract, it is stationary in the stomach, which leads to the former symptoms listed above. Consequently, with the food unable to move through to the intestine in the normal fashion, absorption of nutrients is unable to occur, leading to the latter symptoms listed

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