Gastroparesis Study

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1.0 Background Gastroparesis is a condition of impaired motility function of the stomach to deliver food to distal alimentary tract without obstruction. The clinical associate with gastroparesis is a nonspecific and wide range of symptom from asymptomatic with delay gastric emptying time to severe nausea, vomiting loss of appetite, malnutrition needs a frequent administration in hospital 1,2 and poor quality of life. The pathophysiologic cause of developing this disease still not clearly understand aside from associated with vagus nerve is damaged. Most common diagnosis causes of this disease are idiopathic and the other two common diabetic and prior surgery involved with the vagus nerve. In general, gastroparesis doesn 't cure the condition. …show more content…
In initial treatment, these consist of dietary modification, Medical therapy (prokinetic drug to promote gastric motility, anti-emetic duct to relieve symptoms) that effective for relief symptom in the …show more content…
All subjects sign inform, consent to receive gastric stimulation device (Enterra Therapy) by undergoing laparoscopic surgery implanting device under general anesthesia. The perioperative and postoperative outcome includes operative time, estimate blood loss, pain score, drug usage, and hospital stay were collected and analysis

Implant Procedure:
The gastric electrical stimulator device (Enterra Therapy) which all patients received is a Model 7425. This device was set as the standard parameter (pulse every 5 second all 24 hours a da, High frequency (14 Hz), Low energy intensity five mA and pulse width 330 micro secs) via external programming system. Enterra system consists of two muscular electrode wires connected to pulse generator device and external programming system. The implant of the device and electrode requires laparoscopic surgery to embed a pair of electrodes into muscular propria of stomach separate 1 cm at 10 cm proximal to the pylorus. The pulse generator will be placed into a subcutaneous pocket beneath the skin at Rt. middle abdomen. Perioperative upper endoscopy will be performed then pulse generator device will be programmed as the standard parameter by stimulator programmer.The patient will stay in

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