Postoperative Ileus Critique

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The purpose of this paper is to evaluate and critique a quantitative journal article, “Return of Bowel Sounds Indicating an End of Postoperative Ileus: Is it Time to Cease this Long-Standing Tradition?” written by Robert L. Massey, PhD, RN, NEA-BC. The article is related to the reliability of bowel sounds as an indication of an end of postoperative ileus after abdominal surgery. Every aspect of the study was first explained before the information from the study itself was presented using clear headings. This method of approach in the article was effective in organizing and presenting the contents to the reader.
The article presented its abstract using a structured method, summarizing the paper into headings such as the introduction, purpose, method, findings, and conclusions. The introduction defined postoperative ileus. The purpose proposed the question of whether bowel sounds were a reliable indication of the end of postoperative ileus after surgery. The method briefly summarized the strategy used to collect data supporting the purpose. The findings contained the data resulting from the randomized clinical trial. The conclusion stated the overall result of the study evaluating the whether the study met the purpose. The level of evidence used for the foundation of the article is a Level II, evidence collected from a randomized controlled trial.
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Then each patient will be randomly selected for either standard postoperative care or standard postoperative care with the rocking chair method included. Findings were collected by a primary investigator. The procedural steps did not minimize nor maximize risks and benefits for patients. Both interventions were evidence based practices served for the recovery of the patients. The purpose of obtaining consents from participants were mainly for the comparison and publishing of the data

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