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  • Gas Chambers In The Holocaust

    gassed and incinerated each day at Auschwitz (,2015). Gas chambers were a dreadful part of Holocaust history. Mainly because of their role in the killing of Jews. Gas chambers were built to kill, so they were the most common method for mass murdering the Jews ( To kill the Jews, most German extermination camps used Zyklon B to gas the Jews. Gas chambers were a depressing part of the Holocaust because, so many camps utilized them to kill Jews in inhumane ways, and Germans killed innocent people to come up with methods of mass murder. While in concentration/extermination camps Jews were treated harshly. Then, Jews were killed in gas chambers by being told they would get to clean themselves. As victims were “unloaded” from cattle cars, they were told they had to be disinfected in showers (Holocaust Encyclopedia, 2016). However, these showers were not showers, they were gas chambers. Jews died quite quickly in gas chambers. It took three to fifteen minutes to kill the people in the…

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  • Pros And Cons Of Death Punishment

    methods: hanging, lethal injection, lethal gas, fire squad and electric chair. All form of punishment are constitutional and does not defy the eight amendment of “cruel and unusual” . Two forms of execution still being carry out today by each state is the lethal injection and lethal gas. Both methods are different in risk factors, procedures and the development of the most “humane” one. Technology and civilization develops, changes were also made to pursuit…

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  • Laurel Zucker Essay

    suffered from arthritis in her hands which limited her work. She had contributed by bringing the “Sonate Champetre for oboe, clarinet, bassoon, and piano. Her work, “Concerto de la fidelite pour coloratura soprano and orchestra” was premiered at a Paris Opera before she died. Paul Taffanel was born September 16, 1844 in Bordeaux, France and died in November 22, 1908 was a French flutist, conductor, and instructor. He took his lessons from his father at the age of nine and had his first concert…

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  • Reflection Of A Critique Reviewed By Sotto Voce

    The lady that composed this piece is actually the mother of the woman that was playing violin. I thought this was very cool and you could tell that this piece meant a lot to her. This piece is from the modern era as it was wrote in 2012. The piece itself was written to represent the landscape of Wallah Wallah, Washington. This was the place of a musical festival that she and her husband had founded. The landscape was supposed to be beautiful fields filled with golden grasses. The piece used…

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  • Mozart And Brahms Concert At The Walt Disney Concert Hall

    On Friday, November 25, 2016, at 8pm, I attended the Mozart and Brahms’ concert at the Walt Disney Concert Hall’s Los Angeles Philharmonic in Los Angeles, California. This was a very nice venue with a mixed crowd. They offered a student rush discount ticket which was amazing because they were pretty good seats for $10. The concert was held on “casual Friday.” People were still a little over dressed for being a casual night. As soon as I walked into the concert hall, I noticed an organ straight…

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  • Robert Machumann Op 17 Analysis

    In 1839, Breitkopf & Härtel published Robert Schumann’s Fantasie in C major, Op. 17. Schumann conceived the piece in early 1836. The first iteration of Op. 17 was a one movement piece titled Ruines. Ruines was Schumann’s cathartic expression of the fatigue of separation from his love, Clara Wieck. After several alterations of the piece--in the effort to raise funds for a monument to Beethoven--Schumann expanded Ruines to three movements, mulled over a series of titles, and ultimately settled on…

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  • Piano Figuration In Sarcasms

    3.3 Piano Figuration 3.3.1 Use of Percussive Figuration Prokofiev first used percussive figuration in Sarcasms Op. 17 and Toccata Op. 11 written in the same year. At the beginning of Sarcasms, the Tempestoso is depicted by the percussive introduction. The harsh percussive sound in the interval of the augmented fourth is not only reinforced by ff, but also projects an intense emotion. The dynamic contrast in the first four measures further heightens the intensity. Ex. 3.9 Sarcasms Op. 17 No. 1…

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  • Charles Ives Construction Of Subjectivity In Schubert's Music

    Charles Ives is one of the famous American Modernist composers. He was born in 1874 and he composed many compositions until he died in 1954. He was born in Connecticut as a son of Army bandmaster. He began to compose at 12 and he became an Organist at 14. Although he was not famous during his lifetime, he is very well-known as his unique compositional styles. His compositional style combines American popular and church music tradition. The Church music traditions of his youth with European and…

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  • Cecile Chaminade: The Only Female Composer

    Pianist and composer, Cecile Chaminade is the only female composer represented in the Flute Music by French Composers collection, and is one the early emerging female composers of this era, though not very well known. Born in Paris in 1857, “Chaminade received her earliest instruction from her mother, a pianist and singer” (Citron). With both parents amateur musicians, Chaminade was showed early talent, with her earliest compositions date to the mid-1860s. Her father did not want her to attend…

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  • Erich Wolfgang Korngold: A Brief Analysis

    “I have never drawn a distinction between music for films and for operas or concerts” –– Erich Wolfgang Korngold Many conclude that Korngold was born in the wrong era. Instead of his romantic concepts excelling, his ideals and concepts were overshadowed not only by the vogue of the Second Viennese school composers: Arnold Schönberg, Alban Berg, and Anton Webern, he was also amidst an era of chaos, including the happenings of the first World War. In addition, the rise of Nazism turned his move to…

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