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  • Garifuna Music In Honduras

    central American nation, the home of Punta/Garifuna music. During this time the people that lived in the northern Caribbean coast of Honduras otherwise known as the Garifuna began to play, popularize, and spread their own music known as Punta.…

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  • Health Issues In Garifuna Culture

    In the Garifuna culture, it is common for men and women to have multiple concurrent partnerships (MCP), in which both parties continue to have other sexual partnerships. (Buszin et. al, 2009, p.4). Since it is not a shameful act to have several sexual partners, the risk of HIV transmission increases. Also, marriage is not a common institution in the Garifuna culture. In fact, a legal marriage occurs in just a small number of households (Buszin et. al, 2009, p.3). The study by Buszin et. al found…

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  • Garifuna Tribe Analysis

    cultural anthropologist and a professor specializes in race, ethnicity and transnationalism in Latin America. In both his publication “Black and Indigenous: Garifuna Activism and Consumer Culture in Honduras” and “Bad Boys and Peaceful Garifuna” Anderson presents how this community homogenized by world through stereotyping. He mentions that his interest on this community because Garifuna is rarely understood in Honduras. Their area is depicted as violent place because of the stereotyping of…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of Garifuna Constitutional Reform

    the lands in which the Garifuna inhabit as private and sellable as stated by Ronald Morgan in his article "Garifuna Communities Stand" [Garifunas) are under attack in the wake of a post hurricane constitutional reform which redefines traditional communal lands as private property. The reform part of the government's plan to have private investors rebuild the country" (49). The latter discussed by Morgan is becoming a reality as the Garifuna land is in a potential tourist spot greatly desired by…

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  • Festivity Analysis

    In Belize, November 19th is a national holiday whereby we celebrate Garifuna Settlement Day. This day represents the landing of the people who were African descendants that migrated from the Caribbean islands. It was then that their ancestors, who had been forced out of Honduras, touched base in the territory to join the little band that had effectively settled in the town of Stann Creek. In the town of Dangriga, the center of Belize's Garifuna community, there is a service held on Settlement…

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  • How Does Globalization Affect Global Trade

    If they can’t find people who will work for next to nothing, they’ll abduct people and force them to work for nothing. The slave trade played a big part in creating the global economy and North America, since those peoples had no choice in the matter. As for some of them getting derailed off course and landing on South America, I believe this also greatly affected global trade and the global economy. The Black Caribs, or the Garifuna have a predominantly African ancestry, but also have a…

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  • My Writing Class Analysis

    believe that we as a people would vote, Trump into office. How could we allow someone so narcissistic and egotistical in the most powerful position in the world? In this election, it became abundantly clear that we as a people are selfish and uninformed. Mankind rules this nation that is why the man won the election. This notion holds true for the way females think as well. Many females did not vote for Clinton because they did not know how the world would react to a female president. Many…

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  • Caribbean Culture

    is the oldest Spanish colony in the New World (Wilson 1). Before European settlement the caribbean islands were inhabited by two indigenous peoples, the Arawakan and the Carib. However, they were quickly eradicated due to combinations of murder and new infectious diseases to which they were exposed to with no immunity. Diseases such as smallpox decimated the entire population of the tribes also the murder by Spanish tyrants contributed to their death. European colonies began to take root in…

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  • Japanese Culture In Theodore Bestor's How Sushi Went Global

    lodge are also expected to act in a different way. In the film, one of them remarks that he has to prepare meals for the tourists, when normally the women would prepare meals in his culture. The Himba have similarly had to adapt. Before the lodge was built, they would burn vegetation to drive away dangerous wildlife, but now they have to stop that practice for the sake of attracting tourists. They are also expected by the lodge owner to essentially perform their culture for the tourists who…

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  • Belizean Development: An Institutional Nightmare Analysis

    members have strayed away from observing these practices will be on the verge of an institutional collapse. This can have negative effects on the society in many ways such as persons not respecting their elders, not being honest and not exhibiting kindness to other. This can be seen in many industrialized nations that traded their cultural and religious beliefs for economic gains. This was demonstrated in the case study of Naru, where the natives replaced their foods, traditions and practices…

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