Automatic Door Mechanism Report

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Automatic Door Mechanism
Introduction : We often visit, shopping malls, airports and other retail business stores, for shopping and other needs, In order to enter into the mall, or to come out, we should PUSH or PULL the door, in spite of carrying heavier shopping bags in hands, we feel uncomfortable to do so. But, this was the case earlier, now it’s all different. The technology is evolving day by day and we have come a long way in inventing a Robot to do all these sorts of things.
Are you wondering, what am I talking about? Well, let me open up. Most of the places, we could find a typical automatic sliding door which opens and closes, automatically when we pass by it. By looking at we wonder, how a door could
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Now I Take a motor shaft and attach a shaft extension to it and then closes it with a circlip.
When we connect something, we should check if it is connected well. Now, I am picking a wheel block and attaching it to the extended shaft, then I am checking if it’s Rotating well, finally, I am closing it with a circlip. Perfect!! Now, I am going to attach another circlip to the wheel like this, and extending it with a shaft extension. Now, I am placing another circlip on it. I am Pressing it tightly once, these motor and wheel, are used to generate the circular motion, and this circular motion is converted into a linear motion by connecting extension blocks to the wheel. Now, I am going to pick a 70 extension block and connecting it to the wheel block like this, and I close it with a circlip. In the same way, I created another wheel block, and now, keep them aside. Let me Pick a 70 extension block and connect it with a 50 ext block like this, and I am going to attach another 70 extension block to it, then, I keep it
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As a result, we can see an object looks like a door. I have applied the same process on the other wheel as well, and as you see, I am going to attach them to the motor blocks.
Now, I will Pick a base and attaches 4, 70 extension blocks at the corners of the Base, and then I am attaching the motor block to the base, towards the downside. In the same way, I am going to fix the another motor on the other side as well.
Now, we need to attach the sensors to the object. To do that, let me use another 50 extension block and a straight connector. I am going to Connect them on both the sides of the base. These 50 ext blocks are used to restrict the circular motion. Before moving ahead, I would like to explain you the concept of converting a circular motion into a linear motion which is used in this mechanism, but, before that, you need to understand what is circular and a Linear motion are. Circular motion is a movement of an object which rotates in a circular path or which rotates within a circumference of a circle. It can be uniform with a constant angular rate of rotation and speed or non uniform with a changing rate of

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