It Was A Dark And Stormy Night

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It was a dark and stormy night. A bolt of thunder crept into my room and shocked me awake.

“Mom!” I yelled, bolting from my bed. My chest rose and fell in rapid succession; I made my way toward the door of my room. I was always afraid of storms. Lightning 's electric current only existed within the night, and within the night existed the dark, and I was always afraid of the dark. Anything could be lurking.

My hand grasped the metallic silver door knob, and I rotated it with a firm grip. The aperture made a soft clicking noise before unlocking the way to not only my own exit, but also the entryway of the shadow-like figure that stood before me.

“Mom!” I shrieked. I took in the appearance of the apparition as it came forth. Its body was a pure lump of darkness. Its face was almost owl-like in appearance. Large black tunnels caved in on its blank expression, forming two abysses that appeared to be eyes. Its nose was a mere shadow; there was no visible mouth to be found. I felt tears streaming down from my cheeks as I quickly back-stepped, the creature following me with hushed footsteps.

“MOOOOM!” I continued to scream.

Nearby, I heard the faint flicker of a nearby light. I recognized the sound as the hallway light and concluded that my mother must be on her way. My sweaty palms met with the thin paint of my wall. I was cornered.

“Please…,” I choked out, my mouth quivering far too ferociously to engage in coherent speech. The gap between me and the figure was closed in a

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