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  • Comparison: Epicurus And Joel Osteen

    They both believe that letting go of our worries will lead to happiness but they both have completely different methods of getting rid of these worries. Epicurus suggests letting go of our unnecessary desires so we don 't have to worry about them anymore. Joel Osteen tells us to try to enjoy what you are doing at the moment, whether it is school work, or a task that must be completed for work, or the dinner with the in-laws. So, start finding a certain level of tranquility in whatever you are doing by taking a deep breath and realizing that the situation you are in really isn 't that bad. By finding pleasure in whatever is around you, you will not only grow as person but you will also find a state of happiness that will last. Epicurus believes we shouldn 't worry about the gods or death, because these two things not affect our world. Joel Osteen, on the other hand has a more deterministic point of view, which is in line with the christian tradition. He tells us that we should have faith and accept God 's plan because everything will turn out well. These two thinkers and preachers from different times have completely different views on the…

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  • Compassion In Lydia Davis's The Old Dictionary

    In Lydia Davis’s short story, “The Old Dictionary” a person reflects on how they treats things. It is pointed out that he or she worries more about a book and not his or her own son. This dictionary means more to that person than their own son. A child needs looking after as well as plants and pets. A book is something to sit on a shelf, not something to focus a life around. Maybe somethings are looked after more because they require less demands than other things, but does that mean to not give…

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  • Holden Caulfield Treatment Plan

    Plan and Release Schedule: Holden has PTSD, which requires a different type of treatment plan than some other illness. That will require a treatment plan over the course of 10 weeks. That 's been if his illness gets better by the time. The first step would be to create an evaluation of Holden’s PTSD level. To best recommend the appropriate treatments. As his main two problems are sleeping problems and his negativity. That will be the main focus. It will be recommended antidepressants, as most…

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  • Que Es Deportar Osorio Analysis

    directed the kids to slouch down in their seats so the police man won’t come after them. Alejandra later went to say that she feels bad being Mexican-American because her parents and older sister would get deported, while her and her younger sister would get to stay (Osorio). In such cases where parents are always worried, sometimes children can be affected by this and carry this feeling of being worried onto themselves too. When children are presented with so much worried feelings it can lead…

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  • How Has America Changed Over The Last 10 Years

    “Oh mother, I’m only getting married! We still have a year before everything changes for good. Don’t worry,” she exclaimed. They continued to stroll around the palace enjoying the beautiful spring weather. It was the perfect temperature, the flowers were all beginning to grow and the grass was turning green. As they were discussing what the future holds, Lila continued to worry to herself about which man her parents would end up picking. In the end, she knew worrying wouldn’t help. Regardless…

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  • Sierra Doup: A Short Story

    My daughter, in tears, runs to me, tells me everything that happened. She tells me why she had taken the other school bus instead of her own, but I am still angry at her for it. I raise my hand to smack her upside the head but quickly lower it while she tells me what had happened. The anger that fueled me now turns into more worry. I ask her if she was hurt, if she was kidnapped or if she was held captive somewhere. She tells me that soldiers had pulled the buss she was on over. That they took…

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  • Make Lemonade Quotes

    Make Lemonade Essay Malcolm X, a human rights activist once said, “Education is our passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to the people who prepare for it today.” This quote describes the character LaVaughn’s feelings toward education in the novel Make Lemonade written by Virginia Euwer Wolff. The book is about a 14 year old girl named LaVaughn, who decides to get a job babysitting for a 17 year old named Jolly. Jolly has two kids named Jeremy and Jilly, who LaVaughn spends a lot of time…

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  • Cost Of College Essay

    world, for paying off my debt from college. I fear that I may have to apply to more than I would like though. I am too hubris to ask my parents for money for anything, and I especially worry that I will have to ask them for financial assistance once I am in college, which I really would rather not have to do. I am a spoiled child, yes I could say this, but it is my parents’ decision of what they spoil me on, I hardly ever ask for anything, it’s even to the point now my parents are surprise if I…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Loss Of Anxiety

    There are a million things to worry about. As a matter of fact, a million and one. Whether those those things are minor like failing a test or major like getting in an accident there is hardly any where you can go where you are completely safe. Most these things don’t even cross our mind or effect our daily lives but for 18% of the population including myself these worries are real and overpowering to the point of physical and emotional hurt. They’re characterized by a mental illness called…

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  • The Importance Of Adaptability In Leadership

    As a young adult I went into the Army and was taught that it is essential to become adaptable to your surroundings. After the service, the worrying came in. I would worry about the bills and how each one is getting paid. I worried about our marriage until it came to an end. I worried about how to take care of the kids and what I was going to do as a single parent. Then one day, as I was taking a hike and praying to God about my troubles, God lifted the worries away. It doesn’t mean that I don’t…

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