Cost Of College Essay

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As college students continue through the system, the cost of college keeps increasing and more and more students find themselves in debt once they are finally through college. Of course there the options of financial aid, loans, and scholarships to balance out the cost of college for the students attending, but sometimes the money from these options isn’t quite enough or students find it difficult to attain such assistance in paying for college. When I attend college, I am mostly worried about not having enough money from scholarships to pay off my entire college career. Preferably, I would rather not pay for any of my college degree out of pocket, whether it be mine or my parents’. I fear having to ask them for money to finish paying of my college expenses, and then be in debt to …show more content…
Most people plan to be instantly rich after college, they think they are going to graduate from high school, go to college, get decent grades, graduate college with a degree in the field of their choice, go find the perfect job that pays so much money, buy a nice house, and so on and so forth. Well, unfortunately, this plan very rarely ever works out to where he or she, the college graduate, is on top of the social and financial hierarchy of our economy. But I have not planned, and will not plan, to be instantly rich, life is life because you have to work for things, and I believe that personal success is not fulfilling unless you worked for it, not have it handed to you on a silver platter. I do plan on applying for student loans while I am in college so I can pay for college, but I will only apply for a very few because I do not want to end up in debt while I’m in the real world, for paying off my debt from college. I fear that I may have to apply to more than I would like

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