Should College Students Pay Much For Colleges

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Khalifa Almazrouei
Bess Myers
Writing 121
24 October 2014

Should Student Pay that Much For Colleges?

In today’s time, it cost thousands of dollars every year in tuition to go to college in America. A lot of families do not have all of the money the school requires to send their son or daughter in school, but they still try to find a way to send them anyways, because education is very important to them. Sometimes the parents will look get another job, or take out loans if they can. But, because college is very expensive, students a lot of times have to take out very big loans and work a lot during school to afford the required money of the college and other things that cost money, like books, and they graduate with a lot of debt. Colleges
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In just ten years the tuition of colleges in America “have more than doubled” (Hacker & Dreifus), and this is for private and public schools. Going to college is supposed to be about learning more and getting good teaching, but instead these public and private colleges become more like a business, trying to see how they can get more money from their students, even though they do not give more back to the student. The college has become greedy, and instead of educating their students better, they are doing “too many roles and doing none of them well” (Hacker & Dreifus) to get more students at their school to get more money. This is not fair for the students, and they suffered a lot in school, because they now have to do a lot of extra work to collect the money that the colleges demand with the work of just the college assignments and homework. The college should not constitutes an obstacle for the students, because they want a lot of money for tuition, living, books, and supplies, so the student has to work a lot to get the money to pay and can’t put more time to their studies, and so they are not as good if they didn’t pay a lot of money to go to school. Colleges should require less money, so that they have better students and don’t become a …show more content…
A lot are spending and wasting a lot of money because they are greedy and trying to do too many things. They need to stop focusing so much on the money that they can require from the students, but focus more on the student and making it easier for them to do very well at the school. They should not pay for the vacations of the teachers as often, and should take away tenure so that the teachers teach better. The colleges should require less money from the students so that education to become more available for everyone and not just the rich people. If they require less money in the tuition, the students can become better, save more money, not be tired because they are working a lot of jobs to pay for college, and they can work more and harder to become successful. Right now, private and public colleges require a lot of money to come to their schools, and the more popular the name of the school, the more money they charge students. The students suffered to collect this money by asking their families, saving, borrowing money and working to pay these funds that are not necessary. They make the student the victim and only the school very rich. The schools should become less greedy and go back to caring about the student and helping them to be a success. I think all colleges, and the very expensive ones with lots of benefits for their teachers, should be

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