Creative Writing On Depression

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The Dark Side You ask me what depression is? I’ll be sure to inform you. I sit all alone from sun up to sundown. Silence. No one comforting me. I have no one. Listen, that’s not all. Don’t ignore me. I know exactly what this is. Understand where I 'm coming from. Feel my exhausted, lost, and failing body. Depression is exhausting. Do you know what exhausted feels like? Try falling into depression. Being tired rises to a whole new level. I sit in bed exhausted as ever. I try to fall asleep, but it’s not that easy. I lay there, telling myself sleep is the only cure to depression. I lay in pure darkness. I’m all covered up in my big warm comforter, watching the fan spin around. I can hear the clock sound. Tick, tick, tick. The sound never gets old. The clock reads 11:35 PM. I force myself to go to bed, but depression doesn 't allow me to. Depression and I have an ongoing conversation. It laughs as I’m so tired. It is sure to remind me of all my screw ups. Think I can ignore it? As a matter of fact, it 's not that easy.It feels like a train horn keeping me up. It’s finally time. I fall asleep. It is not long when my alarm clock rings. I sit up, tired as can be. It will not be long before I have to get ready for school. Depression is wide awake with me. It tells me I’m worthless and no one at school …show more content…
One may look at me thinking I am the only one suffering from depression. Wrong. Depression is everywhere. I have a friend who also lives in depression. Think they can help it? A person may think we talk about our dark side, but we do not. It is not that easy. It takes a high amount of courage to address your deep dark secret. Depression takes over countless lives. It is like a contagious virus. There is no cure. We all sit wondering when life is going to pan out. Just when things are starting to work out, depression strikes again. If only we could escape and live a peaceful life. That would be a dream. A dream that does not seem relatively

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