The Importance Of Educating Teenage Children

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In summary, the article is about educating teenage kids, sons and daughters, about sex, relationships, and safety. When a daughter is asked out by a boy for dinner, the parents get concerned about the relationship and get overprotective, taking extreme measures to ensure their child doesn’t do harm or offense towards their own child and their families. “Here’s the thing -- thoughts are not equal to actions ... Rationalizing that young men have overwhelming urges that cloud their judgment and force them to make poor decisions regarding young men/women is nothing more than excusing bad behavior” (Kasey Ferris). Commonly, parents have big concerns about their teenage kids interacting with other teens alike and opposite sex, especially at their …show more content…
My mom, however, was worried that I might not be ready for any relationship with a girl. She warned me to be careful with how I approach the situation and questioned if I “truly determined” for a serious relationship and yet I keep acting cool and naive of myself thinking ‘piece of cake’ and ‘I know what I’m doing.’ One day when talking on the phone with her, for some personal reasons, we had some disagreements over stuff and end up arguing over the matter and I ended up causing a serious offense to her and to her family and she later cut ties with me for good. Despite my attempts to give them sincere apologize to them for what I did, they threatened me to send me to the police and file me as a stalker. I explained that I had no intentions of harm but ended up with nothing but a warning of being labeled a criminal. I had no other choice but to leave them in almost anger and frustration. Till now, I get a little hesitant to even approach a girl I might like because I worry about things repeating like before. I was warned, I didn’t listen and took my inexperience for granted, and I paid the

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