The Importance Of A NAS Structure To A SAN

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Since the first computer has been created, computer scientists and computer engineers have consistently pushed for the advancement of computational power. The computational power of hardware has grown exceptionally, yet businesses still struggled with how to properly utilize this resource. Hardware was especially expensive shortly after it was produced, and most could focus on only one specific server application which drastically hindered the network structures that users were trying to access. This means that storage devices and network structures had to change in order to effectively handle all of the demands from the users. There were many different problems with the ways in which businesses stored and accessed their data, and the main one was that the businesses struggled with maintaining the power and managing required for the server’s hardware pieces. These problems were solved through multiple processes of hardware …show more content…
Although I understand the basics, I do not know whether going into a full out explanation of how a NAS works in both theory and practice will help the reader understand how they relate to a SAN. I have built my outline to show how the SAN functions in the previous paragraph and this paragraph will be about how a NAS structure was created around the same time as a SAN, but for different reasons. This will then bring up the possibility for downsides in the NAS and SAN which will be addressed and solved with the hybrid of the two in the following paragraph. Highlighting the downside of a SAN: cost and complexity. A SAN’s hardware is rather expensive, and although it is often worth the price, managing all of the services a SAN requires a storage administrator who has experience with the technology. Highlighting the downside of a NAS: Disaster Recovery requires expensive recovery software in order to get the file system up and running to even begin moving or repairing

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