Nt1310 Unit 3 Data Computing

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c. Data computing
The IoT devices are going to handle a lot of information for better consumer experience. This information needs to be analyzed and processed in real time. If the data is not processed in an appropriate time frame, then that would lead to consumer dissatisfaction. Moreover, the issue lies in the amount of data that will be generated from the IoT devices. As the number of IoT devices in the future increases there will be an overwhelming amount of data that needs to be processed, analyzed and transferred back to the end device. For this a robust architecture is needed that is capable of processing high amount of data in real time in a very fast and orderly process.
The storage of such huge data also must be taken into consideration. This is because there should be a centralized data management system. If the data is not stored appropriately, then the information that is repetitive in nature will be processed again and again. This will result in high processing time of data that could have been stored for future use. Thus, a robust infrastructure is needed that will be able to not only store high volumes of data but also be able process that data in very quick time frame.
The large amount of data generated by the IoT devices also brings about the issue of security. As the volume of information
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For the successful implementation and for having better network performance, millimeter wave antennas, small cells, device to device communication along with mobile cloud computing for data analysis could be used in a 5G network. Hence, it is important to design a network that supports the integration of different technologies for providing high data traffic and better QoS [13]. These technologies are standalone technologies because of which a platform should be designed that brings these technologies together for the 5G network

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