Switch Robot Essay

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Switch robot
There is always a lot of research going on how a robotics can be progressively better at moving without any human intervention, In fact, it is very essential quality of a robot to work with out any human support, in addition to that, a robot should also move in different directions. Therefore we inroduce to you a new Robox kit, using which, you can create such a wonderful robot.In this short video, we will take you through the creation of a robot, which will detect wall, Edge, Line and objects on its way and move forward by avoiding them, with out a human intervention.
With out any late, Let’s jump into the creation of this robot, firstly, we need to create
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This mechanism implemented with two sesnors which can detect a surface under the robot and move the robot accordingly. If the edge is detected on a platform by right sensor the robot will turn to its left and vice versa.
When the robot detects the edge on both the sides it moves backward untill it doesn’t detect any edge and then moves to the right side a little and repeats the above process.
Line following robot :
Now, lets design a line following robot, for that, I need to pick a 50 ext block and attch 2 straight connectors to it like this. then I am going to attach both the sensors to this 50 ext block, and then I am fixing this sensors at the frontside of the robot as you see.

The aim of this mechanism is to detect a black line on a lighter surface and move along with the line, these sensors will sense wether the line is strictly towards left or right as at the end of the line. If the line is detected by the left sensor the robot will take left until there is no line detected, and if the line is detected by the right sensor it will move right , till there is no other line detected but how about if both the the sensors doesn’t detect the line, then the robot will simply move forward. One thing to be noted is that, this robot will detect only the black

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