Personal Narrative Essay: The Beach Drinking At The Beach

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When my body and my mind are at its finest and most content, it is when I’m at the beach swimming in the ocean. The pure sunlight of the beach shines down on my skin and sends warm rays throughout my body that I welcome. After soaking up the sun, I usually spend a significant amount of time in the refreshing and serene ocean. Any ocean on Earth can quickly satisfy my needs of a quick rejuvenation. Along with the replenishing factors that I enjoy at the beach, I also greatly enjoy the various types of animals that exist inside the ocean. Whether it is dolphins, whales, sharks, parrotfish, sea stars, hermit crabs, or various types of fish, I adore trying to view and study these animals. In April of 2017, my family went on a cruise to various islands, one of them being St.Thomas. We had booked an excursion there, and it was to go snorkeling off the boat called the Dancing Dolphin. …show more content…
It was almost as if I were looking in a mirror. The next thing I noticed were the endless green mountains that were overlapping each other across the whole island of St.Thomas. As we made the journey to our first destination, Turtle Cove, the three crew members, Sara, Buck, and Captain Megan made our time on the Dancing Dolphin extremely enjoyable. They offered us refreshments, snacks to eat, and we even did some dancing on the boat. Soon, when we rode the waves closer and closer to Turtle Cove, they handed out our life jackets, flippers, snorkel, and goggles. My sense of adventure was reaching a new high as I realized my adventure was about to begin. Our crew member Buck began telling us safety information, like stay with the group and do not touch anything that you cannot identify. Soon, Sara put her gear on and was ready to take us into Turtle Cove. My levels of excitement and adventure along with my joy of the ocean soared as I neared the beginning of the experience of a

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