Drinking Essay: My Grandmother's Second Home

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“Vodka with ice please” These words were a frequent verse my grandmother yelled to the bartender. Five, Six, Seven times a night until the man refused to sell her another drink. The bar was my grandmother’s second home. This is where she felt at ease, with vodka in her right hand and a chaser in her left. Every sip she swallowed cracked a smile on her face. All the worries were washed away from the alcohol taking control of her body. It was a problem and it was affecting the relationship with her friends and family. My grandmother had 4 boys that were not giving a motherly figure. She was nowhere around to supply food on the table or tuck them into bed. My dad says, “I would come home from school and she would be passed out on the couch. I don’t remember havening a typical mom to son conversation. It’s very sad to put into words”. All her focus was on getting drunk at the bar day after day. The bar was where she felt she belonged. …show more content…
She was used to the atmosphere of alcohol due to the fact she had two alcoholic parents. Everyone was drinking in front of her so she thought it would be cool for her to grab a drink as well. This is where the rocky road started for her. There was no one there to tell her drinking was wrong. She was 14 at the time making her own decisions. She says “I never really enjoyed the taste of alcohol but I loved the effect, the buzz sensation, this is where it got rocky for me”. Everyday she would come home from school and check the cabinets for alcohol. She says “It was always on my mind, I wanted that buzz”. She became addicted very quickly. It was like comfort for her. This feeling of wanting a buzz all the time began to worry many but not her parents. They were too busy at the bar getting drunk themselves. She says, “ I lost many friends because of this sickness. I never wanted to hangout or do anything with them because alcohol seemed more important to

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