Narrative Essay On Who Am I Am

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Who am I? This question has haunted me all my life, “who is Hayley, and what is her purpose in the world?” I feel the question of who you are as a person is the most difficult question anyone could ever be asked. Who am I in the present, who was I last year, three years ago, or who will I be tomorrow? As a person, I have done nothing but evolve and change throughout my 18 years of life . I have never been the kind of person that who stays stagnant. I change and alter who I am daily. If one asked who is, Hayley Louise Kendall pages upon pages could not begin to explain, but I suppose I can try. In my younger years life was great, I had a seemingly perfect upbringing. My parents loved each other, we could afford nice vacations, my brother …show more content…
My freshman year, the term death comes in three took on a whole new meaning for me. My Uncle Bob was a second father to me, I had a room at his house we talked daily, and we didn’t go more than two weeks without seeing each other. He was a significant person in my life because, my mother over the years became an alcoholic, so when things got bad with her my uncle was always. However, one day after Spartanette practice, I got a call that my Uncle had passed on. This crushed me, I felt alone and scared, and wished with all my heart that it was all a dream. Months later, I lost my Aunt Pam and my Uncle Omar in the same week, having so many people pass in such little time brought all of those feelings of pain, and heartache back and so did the depression. I struggled to keep it together, but when things got bad my parents did what they thought was right for me more medication, and more therapy. All this death made me really learn to open up to people. I used to never spoke to my therapist, or anyone for that matter and keep everything bottled up. My sadness helped me learn that I have people who will help me in my darkest …show more content…
My junior year was the worst year of my life. I found messages on my father 's phone from another woman, and told my mother. This caused my parents to separate, and in the end get divorced. Both of my parents became depressed, they were miserable all the time and argued constantly, and I was always the middle man. I wanted the madness to stop, but it never did. My moms drinking got worse, and she began mentally abusing me. She would call me fat, ugly, and a whore daily. She broke me down to nothing, and I believed that was all, I was nothing. My father would tell my younger brother when he would cry about the separation, “mommy and daddy would still be together, if Hayley wouldn’t have shown your mom my messages. This drew a wedge between not only my brother and I, however my father and I to. Feeling alone from all of this, my escapes were when I had dance, tennis, band, or ski practice. I was missing school crying daily, and was haunted by suicidal thought. I never knew if my depression would spiral so bad, I would finally ended it all like I had craved for so

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