My Essay: Who I Am?

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Who I am? That is a question which is hard to answer. For me, it is very difficult to talk about myself. The only way how to describe who I am today is starting with a background which shaped me. I was born in Latvia, where I have lived till I was 23 years old-my family still lives there. I used to live in an old farmhouse, with my parents and my siblings. I believe through life many things change, we gain our own experiences and role changes. Mine most important at this moment roles are being my parent’s daughter, being sibling and being a good friend-they are all amazing and responsible roles, which I will try to fulfill in the best way till my last breath. Recognizing your own strength and weaknesses-can help us to fulfill the roles in …show more content…
I would love to think that I am dedicated daughter to my parents- I always remember their birthdays, anniversary and the things which they are interested in. I encouraged them to travel and pursue hobbies when they retired by supplying them with the tools. I enjoy being my parent’s daughter. I am proud with my parents, how they have made me and my siblings to pursue our goals and not to give up on them when they seemed too far. For example, when I was studying in university and working at the same time- it seemed all too much for me – starting a school at 8 am till late afternoons and then go straight to work till 1am- and my parents saw how much I struggle, therefore they even took a loan, so they would be able to support me during my first year of university. But if that is enough to be considered a good daughter? Since 2013, I have been living in the USA and the only communications with my parents are via Skype. This summer, my parents have 40th year anniversary and my dad is turning 65, however because of my finances I will not be able to travel there- so I will just send them a package as a way how to decrease my guilt of being not …show more content…
My siblings are most amazing people- I am not always there for them, but they are always there for me. I have 4 siblings-2 sisters and 2 brothers and they are all older than me, therefore they rarely come to me for advice, but for sure they will always give me advices even if do not ask for it. For example, when I was travelling to the USA- they all supported me, but they gave me advices on the road, such as, hold your purse close yourself, do not give anybody your documents etc. At that moment, it just seemed silly and it showed me that they do not trust me, they thought I would do something irresponsible, but they just gave me these advices to be sure that I am ready- I can leave them and be safe without being there for me. My siblings are more advanced in technologies than my parents, but that does not change the fact that they do not know much about technologies. Knowing technologies is my strength in my family- they will ask my opinion which phone or laptop to buy. I will never ask any questions about technologies to my siblings, however I will ask advice about anything else, such as, is this color suits me or what should I study in the

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