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Who I am? That is a question which is hard to answer. For me, it is very difficult to talk about myself. The only way how to describe who I am today is starting with a background which shaped me. I was born in Latvia, where I have lived till I was 23 years old-my family still lives there. I used to live in an old farmhouse, with my parents and my siblings. I believe through life many things change, we gain our own experiences and role changes. Mine most important at this moment roles are being my parent’s daughter, being sibling and being a good friend-they are all amazing and responsible roles, which I will try to fulfill in the best way till my last breath. Recognizing your own strength and weaknesses-can help us to fulfill the roles in a way so we would become better versions of ourselves.
My parents inspire me-they are the people who will push you to your limits and they will always tell the truth no matter how harsh is the truth. I would love to think that I am dedicated daughter to my parents- I always remember their birthdays, anniversary and the things which they are interested in. I encouraged them to travel and pursue hobbies when they retired by supplying them with the tools. I enjoy being my parent’s
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My closest friends are a major part of my life. They are my family who I actually choose- one can never choose their family, but one can always choose his friends. My best friends are there for me- they know everything about me, even my secrets which my family does not know! I spend a lot of time with my friends, because physically my family is not here, therefore my friends replace my family. They are people who will help me when I am down, and make me feel better when I miss my family. For example, when I had flat battery in my car, my friend just send me a message that she is coming over in a few minutes, she just needs to find the

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