What My Parents Mean To Me


Everyone has a symbol of what they want or need in life, and how it has come to symbolize everything that they want, as well as what it represents, in that hand my symbol and something that means so much to me will have to be my parents. To me my parents represent happiness, protection, and ambition.

Parents in general are the closest human beings that we will ever have. Parents don’t just love and care for us just because we are intelligent, or have a nice haircut, but because we are what we are- their children. To me, my parents represent love. They represent real happiness. And for that I thank god, every day that he put someone like them in my life to guide me through my rough paths. They are greatly appreciated, I wouldn’t
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I don’t know it's just as if they have filled an empty hole in my heart when they cute talk me, it's great. I don’t really remember much traumatic or dramatic events from back in the days when I was a child, but all I can remember is that I was a happy and caring little kid, and that’s all because of how my parents raised me. Always teaching me the good and positive things and to always smile and be nice even if I didn’t want to because being upset and negative ever was a "no-no". The sacrifices, beliefs and values that our parents give us will help determine the person who we become in life as we grow older. Believe it or not, they give up so many necessities in their daily routine just for us. Like for example there is this poem I remember once reading back in my high school days called "Those Winter Sundays" by Robert Hayden, and its telling how the father would always give up and sacrifice so many things just for his son, like his warmth so the house could stay warm enough so that the son wouldn’t wake up with a cold house. This poem really hit me because us children don’t really notice all these neat things that our parents do and sacrifice for us, and all we do is take advantage of their niceness and all, when we should be returning …show more content…
They symbolize so many things to me I just can't explain in words. They are the world to me. Without their support everything can turn into a disaster from one second to the other. Up to this day I still ask them for advice and their opinion on a lot of stuff, like for example how to pay my phone bill, or if that outfit I'm wearing matches and fits in with the certain event we would attend that day. Silly things like that is why parents are the go-to for. They honestly still help me with every step of the way. They have never once turned me down. They are sweet and caring when it comes to helping out. They love me and I know that they would give their life for me if they had to. Just like I would for them. The bond between our parents and us children is incredibly strong, its unbreakable if you ask me. I think that parents are an important factor in our lives. Whether they are with us for thirty minutes or spend the entire day with us, they are special to us. My parents are my role models, they are the most responsible, good providers, and most committed people I know and one day I'm hoping to be just like them and get somewhere in life like they have so far in these twenty-five years of living here in the Unites States. I know that maybe my parents aren't that so perfect, but I know for sure that they carry the quality and virtue that any child could ever ask or wish

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