What Three Words To Describe Yourself Essay

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What three words would you use to describe yourself?
I am passionate, loving, and quiet. I am passionate to help out others because it is what keeps me at peace. I am also naturally quiet and reserved. I tend to keep my thoughts to myself.
What distinguished you from other members of your class?
My ability to actually understand others and feel what they are going through is the one thing that separates me from my peers. People just judge others and don 't understand their backgrounds. For me, it is natural to help others because my ability to feel what they are going through. I understand where they are coming from and I have a big enough heart to aid them. This actually why I want to become a doctor and help others.
What are your greatest
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My weakness is that once I have to speak in front of a large group, I get filled with anxiety and nervousness. To get over my anxiety, I joined chorus.
What skills improved as a result of the course?
My ability to think outside the box improved immensely during this course. This course involves viewing the whole picture and analyzing the details. This helped me stay focused and expand my intellect.
How did the course challenge you academically and intellectually?
This course challenged me to the different sides of things. I am not used to the many solutions to a problem. I always think there is only one way out. However, in this course, there many ways you can solve an issue. Academically and intellectually, I was able to expand my view on things.
How did the course contribute to your overall education?
This course opened my eyes to how the world functions as a whole. It showed the goals of certain countries and businesses and how they interact with each other. It also brought insight to the effects of the past into the future economically and socially.
What projects did you complete? What made your work distinctive? Be specific.
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We launched a mock website that would help people search descriptions of places where to go around the world and let them pay travel tickets. We also launched a mock beauty shop business and created a website to help people purchase some of the best beauty products out there. The work we did not only provided services for others, but also tried to improve the little aspects in certain businesses, such as including an informational search of places to travel on an airline website. This goal of his business was to find ways to improve society in a business sense.
Israel Mission Work (Charity Organization)
In this organization, I was able to help others in such a big way. I am very passionate about caring for children and helping others. I don’t like seeing people suffer, so I try my best to help others become the best that they can become. As an assistant, I helped in organizing donation events, which raised hundreds of dollars, and gathered materials for gifts and packed them together to give out to the public. I also aided in preparing the schedule for the mission work in different areas of Haiti by planning out three trips. This experience encouraged me to become a

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