Reflective Essay: Lessons Of A Childhood Graduate

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Lessons of a Childhood Graduate
Childhood means something different to each person. For some, their youth meant family and community; for others, being a youth meant self-discovery and independence. Regardless, everyone has a few core values they have learned from their childhood. For me, the most important parts of my childhood was adventure, sports and family. Adventure encourages risk-taking and new experiences. It allows individuals to discover their passions and a zest for life. Sports teach children numerous valuable lessons including teamwork and discipline. Sports allow children to build friendships and relieve stress. Finally, family teaches you some of the most important lessons you can learn; love, compassion and commitment. Having
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Little did I know, those exercises were preparing me for my future by teaching me lifelong lessons I will never forget. Water polo taught me discipline. If I lost the ball, I would sprint as hard as I could to get on defense and win the ball back. There was no way I was going to let my team down if I did not try my hardest to fix my mistake. I learned hard work at soccer practice when I spent hours upon hours working on the same drills or practicing a certain play. I pushed myself to the limit every practice to ensure that I would perform in games. That hardwork and dedication paid off when my team started working our way to the top in our league. Through hard work I learned that practice makes perfect and you must always set yourself up for success. If you consistently push yourself during fitness, you will notice how fit you feel during the game when everyone else in buckled over breathing hard. Lacrosse taught me leadership when I was forced to step up and push my team to work hard. I encouraged, directed and befriended everyone the best I could. It is rewarding to see the player you helped teach the fundamentals to, score the game winning goal in the championships. Sports have had an irreplaceable impact on my character. Coaches, teammates and supportive parents have all taught me these lessons. But my family is by far the most supportive group of people in my …show more content…
Everyday I am reminded of the love and compassion they share towards me, my sister and everyone around them. Through their infectious love, they have taught me the same. Everytime I travel to the East Coast to visit my relatives, I am greeted with hugs and kisses. The love they show me feels limitless. They have taught me to appreciate one another and enjoy the little moments together. As I have learned, family also means being dependable. I know I can depend on my family for anything and they feel the same way towards me-we have each others backs. If my sister forgot her lunch, she knows I am there to make a quick run to the store. If I have a big game the next day, my parents are always there to make me a huge breakfast and pump me up. Last but not least, they have taught me self-reliance. The ability to take care of myself without needing to depend on anyone else. My parents could easily drive my sister and I to school everyday but instead we bike. Biking teaches us time management and the importance of daily exercise. I rely on no one other then myself to get to where I need to be. My parents are not what you call “over-protective”. They let me go out with my friends, taking the bus and other forms of public transportation to get around the Bay Area. They give me the freedom I need to learn things on my own and be independent. They have done their best to prepare me for the “real world” where everything is not just sunshine and

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