Reflective Essay: Three Lessons Learned In High School

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Three years into my high school I hadn't gotten into the state of mind that most over achievers have. I had floated through high school thinking I was trying my very hardest to get good grades and become a consistently studious candidate of my school. However, no matter how hard I tried I failed I gave into all the distractions and used all my obstacles as excuses became frustrated and developed an attitude problem that I had created myself. Being a consistent 2.5 student wasn't satisfying or inspiring. Uniquely enough, I had decided to take challenging courses my junior year. I enrolled in three AP courses: AP psychology, AP world history, and AP language. Of course when you haven't had honor roll during the entire course of your high school …show more content…
Each time she came to me she was rejected and each time she came to me it made me develop a passion to prove to her I could handle it. I felt like I needed something challenging and new and I knew I didn't want to take the standard classes they had most juniors take. Furthermore, I knew it was time for me to get serious and learn how to multitask and work under pressure. I wanted to get closer to doing something that I would normally do in college. But my mother didn't see my mindset was changing, she couldn't see I really wanted to do better, that maybe a challenge was needed all she could see were three classes that I was definitely going to fail. She was seeing another year that I chose to choose my extra curricular activities over my future, another year full of excuses, another year of coming home to no studying more attitude and disappointments. And although all that may be true, that was the first time in my high school career that I ever got honor roll. Even though, afterwards I slipped tremendously and spent the rest of the year trying to get back to honor roll my mother, sister and I couldn't have seen that

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