Reflective Essay For High School

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I struggle academically in the start of high school mainly because I made the decision to hang out with a clique of people that diverted my focus in school and ultimately led me to creating an alter ego. I came into high school as a recent valedictorian graduate and suddenly I was doing poorly in school. Deeply inside I truly cared about my studies; however, I had to depict an image as if I trifle school in order to fit in the group. My home school and my community are located in a infamous vicinity; I can recall being paranoid as I walked to school. I could not demonstrate fear in school because I would be pictured as a vulnerable target and other students always tried to test me; therefore, it was enviable and necessary to prove myself. After I got suspended from school I was abruptly struck with realism that the futile path that I was pursuing was going to lead me nowhere and learned that I need to change immediately. I start to distant myself from the group of people I would hang out with and instead focused in my academics. I am very grateful that at the time I was part of Upward Bound Los Angeles, a program that selected studious students that were in social-economical disadvantage family, the enriching program kept me occupied …show more content…
I would deemed my upbring challenging, such as being diagnosed with aplastic anemia at an early age and fighting it for several years and witnessing the struggle for my parents to support our family. My parents left their nation in search for a prosperous future for them and for their children. Living a Hispanic family has allowed me to gain respect, humility and diligence. I witness how arduously my parents work physically; therefore, I try to input that same energy in the my studies. I was raised with limited resources at home and I have become very appreciated of what I got and more wise in how I invest my

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