1000 Word Reflective Essay

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MA_2016_IA_Tewodros Getachew Hailemariam (Member of Team 1)

1. Write a 1000 word reflective essay how you as an individual achieved the Learning Outcomes by participating in the online forums and tutorials and supporting your team write Part 1 of the assessment. 5 Marks.

This is really an interesting opportunity for novice researchers like me. At the beginning, I was confident I will gain the basics to understand and engage in a meta-analysis and the result was really impressive. I’m now, so familiar with the method, the procedures behind meta-analysis and the very reason to do it. In addition, I’ve achieved expected learning objectives through practical exercises of the course.

The journey began with descriptive statistics; measures of central location and dispersion. The very common measure of central tendency; mean, median and mode. Whereas variance and standard deviation were discussed as measure of dispersion. I 'm also actively participated in doing the exercises for both measure of central tendency and dispersion using hypothetical data given with the lecture. Furthermore, the lecture continue with hypothesis testing discussion to
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First, it was very challenging even to choose researchable topic, but in the process we were able to manage everything. In this assignment, though we decided to do a research question which I was not familiar with or not in my expertise area, I was able to engage in the activities and learn out of it. I was able to participate in some common grounds when we discuss about our team assignment. In such was, I learn the process and principles of doing a meta-analysis. However, I couldn’t deny one thing that it was very challenging to work on a research area which is not in one’s area of expertise. It was not an easy task, but thanks to my team members I was able to contribute as much as I can. They are very helpful to take time to explain a lot of technical

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