Personal Reflective Essay: Motivation And Concrete Experience

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Motivation is personal experience, it is not a one-size fits all concept. It can be a positive or negative stimulus. It is the facilitator of change, allowing a person to step away from a known environment into something foreign that could be better or worse. Motivation is a very powerful tool which is experienced in both personal and professional settings, when used properly it can help one to succeed in the fulfillment of their goals.
Concrete Experience Abusive situations are difficult at best, more often than not they can feel as though it will break your soul. An unfortunate reality is that many abuse survivors often experience the victimization again during future endeavors. While the victim may be lucky enough to have
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These were situations that I never dreamt of being a party in, but I came to knew that I had choices, albeit limited. The abusive situations taught me that I had not yet faced my end-point. I could dig deeper within myself forcing myself to push past my internal limits. I would not only survive, but I would thrive. When I faced the torment of workplace bullying, I was more than a little rattled. The torment was bad, but it began to open old wounds and I knew I could not let that happen again. I followed all the common-sense steps to resolution, I had read the company employee manual and knew this type of behavior would not be tolerated. I had a sense of security, because this time I was not going to have to fight the battle alone. At first the HR staff were supportive, explaining that I had done nothing wrong and the circumstances would be dealt with in a swift and appropriate manner. Several weeks passed with no action taken by HR, then my offender made huge public bullying display, in front of the department VP and in the corporate offices no less. Witnessed rallied behind me, shocked that immediate termination had not occurred. We all rationalized that HR must be getting all their ducks in the proper row, which was the cause for the delayed reprimand. After notification of all the details of the latest event, my HR contacts stopped taking my calls. …show more content…
One of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs is safety, which was not being met by my boss nor my company, instead it was being threatened during the workplace bullying. (Marques, 2011). In Herzberg theory on motivation, he speculated that a relationship with a boss plays a part in dissatisfaction, which in turn should not have played such a key role in the decline of the satisfaction (2010). Given that the relationship had such a negative impact, it instead should be attributed to the resignation. High neuroticism by the director caused all the characteristics of values/culture, agreeableness, tolerance, and self-esteem to be negatively impacted by the bullying situation (Carpenter, Bauer, & Erdogan, 2012). People react differently to different situations; what is tolerable to one person, may be a tipping point for others, so personnel preferences needed to be considered during

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