What Is A Lesson Learned

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Lessons Learned During my five-week period, I did not work quite as hard as I wanted to. I did not push myself to the best of my ability. With that being said, I failed at the goals I had set for myself five weeks ago. I am going to explain the aspects of my goals that I failed at to those who have been following me since the beginning, by showing the various aspects that affected my behavior during this activity. There was various reason as to why I failed at the health goals I set for myself five weeks ago. The major goal I set for myself was simple, to just make healthy food choices. My mini-goals for my five-week period were the ones I was focusing on. The first mini-goal I had was to avoid over-eating. One of the worst habits I have …show more content…
Its quick, convenient, and very tasty. Not only do I live right above The Commons, I do not even have to leave the building to grab some food before class. It is the perfect way to not freeze on the cold days while walking to the dining hall. I could a healthier option and go to Sub Connection but a six-inch sub is almost seven dollars compared to a burger from Burger King for less than 2 dollars. The biggest thing I have learned during this process, is that eating healthy is not easy in college. There are less than a handful of healthy options available to us students. In the dining hall, I could choose a salad but the leaves are always brown and almost slimy in texture. I would prefer pizza instead of week old lettuce any day. Overall, I knew that is activity would not work out for me these last five weeks. I could have tried harder but I only have limited resources available to me. When I first started my Behavior Change Project I was in the level of precontemplation, knowing I needed to make a change and deciding how I wanted to go about doing so. After I wrote out what I wanted to change then I fixed my errors and was in the second and third stages, which is contemplation and preparation. Shortly after that I was in the action stage, as I did not get past the action stage that is where I was during my

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