Things I Carry

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I carry many things on my person at all times of the day. There are things that can be seen and others that can’t be seen. Everything that I carry either has a story or a meaning behind it. The tangible objects that I carry are the ones that have meanings behind them. The intangible ones have stories which give them life and either lift me or burden me. These burdens shape the kind of man I am becoming. The things that you carry help create your character in the game of life. The simple wallet holds things that I treasure and they give me reminders for various things. My license is the main object in my wallet. The little plastic card with my picture, my date of birth, and my address helps me remember a few things. The picture of myself reminds …show more content…
Inside my phone is all of the contact information for my close family and friends, the current news, time, alarms, and so many more useful functions. My family is the most important thing in my entire life. Family will love you though your hardest times and will support you though your controversial decisions. Friends are the family that you can choose. Your friends that will help you out in times of need and will not hold it against you later on down the road are your true friends. Your true friends can say a lot about the person that you are. Having an easy way to communicate with the most important people in your life is a crucial element in the life of any human being. Things that can’t be seen are sometimes the things that burden us the most. Intangible burdens weight heavily on a person’s mind rather than his or her body. An example of this would be described as a promise that someone could not keep would provide a heavy burden on that particular person. Burdens that I carry mostly involve my family with a few reserved for my closest friends. The main weights that I am burdened with is the protection of my family, keeping a promise to my cousin, Cierra, emotional support in times of distress for my family, and lastly the burden of

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