Personal Narrative Essay On Self Identity

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Judgmental. Stuck up. Hateful. Narcissistic. Is that what people perceive when it comes to my identity? These are some of the mis-judgments, opinions, and viewpoints others compile before getting to know me, which is certainly untrue. How can one possibly even have a clue of who someone is, without even getting to meet them first? There is so much more to myself than what I may look like on the outside to people. Once, others get the opportunity to talk and get to know me they will see for themselves how my journeys, family, and self identity have molded me into being the kind, independent, successful, generous person I am today. As they say, “Don't judge a book by it’s cover. You never know what the inside looks like until you open it up. …show more content…
Being myself is effortless over attempting to mimic others’ behaviors. When I am true to myself, I am not required to stress so much about anyone contradicting or having negative opinions to say when I do not choose the same decisions as them. The pressure to look like everyone around and conform to society decreases as I learn my own self worth. Showing my own character by doing what I trust is correct, dressing the way I am comfortable in and by not letting people's opinion influence my decisions , has permitted me to grow as a person. For example, I participate in activities that I enjoy and take classes that I find accommodating, to allow myself to stay true to myself. I love being my own sarcastic, sassy, smart, and extremely opinionated self. Self love lets me appreciate the person I, myself, am. Others can recognize my true colors without having to struggle so much to fit in. My personality is super outgoing and at times childish, but who does not have an inner child in them? Others people's needs come before mine, and I love a fantastic challenge.Having the ability to transform at least one person's day into a finer one, brings me so much joy. I live by the motto, “Why follow a crowd when I can step aside and create my own.” It reminds me that it is acceptable to be the outcast or the black sheep. As long as I continue to be my own person with my own personal values and morals, I …show more content…
The extremely influential people that greatly impact your day to day decisions. To me they have aided me become the successful, independent individual that I am today. My parents have edified me that in order to succeed you must first fail. That is truly the best lesson anyone could be taught. It has given me the possibility to have a different mindset when certain situations or plans do not turn out my way. In fact, one example would be when I failed my TSI. I was extremely disappointed in myself since, failing was new to me. It had never dawned on me that I could fail a test. However, my parents and their optimism in my abilities has enabled me to realize that there is always a failure before before succeeding. My parents encouraged me to try harder the next time around, instead of doubting myself since I had failed the first time. My family is my number one supporter when it comes to anything, from doing educational activities to having the courage to try something new out. This year, I am considering trying out for diamond dolls, and I know my family will be on those stands cheering me on. My family to me are the best people in life I could have asked for. What better kind of people to have in your life, besides your own family who loves you unconditionally?
Overall, my self identity, journeys, and family play a ginormous part in my life. Life has shown me it is acceptable to be different, and my journeys have shown me a new perspective of life. These minor, yet

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