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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Myrtle Beach

    Every year since i was a baby My mother and I go to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina for a vacation. I've always been a fish. I love swimming in the ocean, the pools, water parks, anywhere you can think of. My mother and i would go out really deep in the ocean and just float while the sun kissed our skin. The water was warm on my body like it was giving me a big hug. We would stay out there for hours and just talk. at the end of the day when the sun goes down over the water, we would go to the pool.…

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  • Differences Between South Beach Miami And Sunny Isles

    Although they are only a 34 minute drive apart, the two vacation spots; South Beach Miami and Sunny Isles Florida hold some fairly significant differences between one another. During the summer of 2016 my brother, dad, mom, and I took a week long trip down to South Beach Miami Florida. After enjoying that first trip so much, my family decided to go back to Miami florida for the summer of 2017, but instead of South Beach we stayed in Sunny Isles. Despite their short distance apart, the two…

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  • Narrative Essay: Let's Take The Kids Down To The Beach?

    "Let’s take the kids down to the beach today.” Joshua was slipping bottled water, apples, and crackers into the backpack we took everywhere with us like I’d already said yes. “Ugh. Today? Can’t we just stay home and put on a movie for the kids?” Victoria lolled her head to the side –the thought of trekking all four kids down to the beach and then trying to have an enjoyable afternoon while trudging through the sand was exhausting. They hadn’t even left the house, and she was already exhausted.…

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  • Summary Of An Atv's Short Story: A Day At The Beach

    As the sun rises over the several sand dunes, you can hear the engines starting on several ATV’s. As the moon goes down and the sun comes out, the peace and silence of the area will soon be overcome with people, young and old riding their ATV’s or dune buggies over the dunes of the desert, enjoying the rush of riding at high speeds alone or with other people. The morning is cool and dry with people checking the campfire for remaining ashes or starting one to enjoy a good breakfast to get them…

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  • Wyndham Grand Jewel Resort: Where Perfection Meets The Beach?

    Looking at it from the start, Wyndham wants to gain the audience self-interest in the product. With multiple options for dining and a comforting beach, the guests will think about their need to relax and enjoy themselves. On the other hand, the resort does show some emotional appeal as well. The happy guests in the ad and the clear waters can create a sense of “I need it” attitude for those tired…

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  • Essay On Dover Beach By Matthew Arnold

    Matthew Arnold’s Dover Beach, an insightful poem, warns its readers about the dangers of the world in an attempt to make them feel better. The poem compares the harsh reality of its readers’ isolation in the world to various images of oceanic scenes. In his first stanza, Arnold emphasizes the importance of distinguishing the difference between illusion and reality through his constant change from a beautiful to disheartening tone. Arnold’s “Sea of Faith” metaphorically attributes the decline of…

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  • Palm Beach County: A Case Study

    Introduction The context for the writer is VITAS Healthcare in Palm Beach County. The Palm Beach Program is part of a national for profit Hospice. The Context provides medical, emotional, and spiritual care to individual sand their families at the end of life. This paper provided a brief historical description of VITAS, information about VITAS in Palm Beach County, and the description of Palm Beach County. Historical Descriptions VITAS was founded in 1978 as Hospice Care Inc., a one of…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Mexico

    March, my family and I took a trip to Mexico for vacation. We did many fun things down there such as; parasailing, went on a boat for a day trip, sail boating, went swimming in the ocean, buggy board, sand volleyball, swam in the pool, walked the beach at night, got henna tattoos, a dread in our hair and went to the club with my brother and Emerson. The sand on my feet, the crashing of the waves, people swimming in the ocean, the smell of sunscreen and the wonderful taste of my flamingo drink;…

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  • Descriptive Essay About Aruba

    swimming, jet skis, banana boats, etc.. Aruba has beaches that are miles long. For example, Eagle beach is a white coral beach that is 5 miles long. This beach is free to the public. The island’s clear blue water is warm and has lots of waves. In comparison, Saint Martin or other Caribbean Islands don’t have white sandy beaches that extend 5 miles. My family and I rented Jet skis and a banana boat on the beach. The ocean was like bath water and was clear which enabled me to see the water life.…

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  • Zakynthos Island Research Paper

    turtle-like shape as you sail by. The island abounds with verdant greenery and is a favorite breeding place for endangered Caretta Caretta turtles and some seals. In order to keep the natural resort safe, tourists are allowed to use only a narrow space on a beach, which can be accessed by a shuttle boat from Agios Sostis (around 10 EUR = 11 USD).…

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